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    NSE Nifty - Technical Analysis

    Friday's tax announcements have changed everything. There may be more upside to Nifty now and a new all-time high is also possible in the current rally.
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    Now Borrow With Government Guarantee

    Now the Indian government wants to guarantee housing loans taken by sub-prime and other borrowers, who have no or poor credit history. Part of proposed housing sector package: Fund on cards to offer guarantee for home loans. The very first question that comes to my mind is what will the...
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    NIIT Technologies

    If you have the shares, then yes, you can sell now and buy the futures. The stock price will come down as and when the unaccepted shares come back into the market.
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    NIIT Technologies

    Maybe it's because of the open offer shares that will be coming back into the market.
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    Beware of Corporate Debt Risks

    It seems the situation isn't much better in many other Asian economies. McKinsey has warned for another Asian Debt Crisis.
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    RHFL - Reliance Home Finance Bonds

    RHFL's balance sheet is totally messed up. A big chunk of these loans may soon become NPAs. Even God can't save ADAG now...
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    Sterling & Wilson Solar IPO

    I won't be able to comment on the IPO because of time constraints. There isn't much grey market premium.
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    Beware of Corporate Debt Risks Even earlier I had expressed my doubts about how Yes Bank managed to keep NPAs at such low levels in spite of having...
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    Beware of Corporate Debt Risks

    No volume on Friday - no liquidity at all. With each passing week, more and more companies are either defaulting or reporting fresh debt problems. Fresh problems were reported in case of Talwarkars, Cox and Kings, Cafe Coffee Day, Yes Bank (HDIL case), Lodha Developers etc in last 7-10 days...
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    Question about Reserves/Retained Earnings

    To be honest, even I am not sure what the exact difference is. From what I understand, reserves can be of many types and retained earnings go to the revenue reserves. I can't think of anything else other that the dividends that need to be removed from net profit to arrive at the "increase in...
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    NSE Nifty - Technical Analysis

    I don't have the Nifty chart right now. The Nifty is showing exceptional weakness and even if the slide halts at any support for now, further downside looks likely. I think we are witnessing the first stage of a bear market now. Fundamentals don't look good at all. In my opinion, the strong...
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    Beware of Corporate Debt Risks

    For a few years, India's consumer demand has substituted the lack of investments in the economy. However, now even consumption side of economy is facing headwinds. The strongest of Indian consumer companies have warned of slowing demand this year...
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    Tata Motors

    If the company had reported losses in a down-cycle, then I may have suggested buying this stock. The problem is that both Indian and global economies are showing signs of exhaustion after a long liquidity-driven expansionary phase. An economic contraction seems inevitable in the west and the...
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    Beware of Corporate Debt Risks

    SREI's stock and bonds have been battered in the last few months and it seems the market is quite pessimistic about its future. Even though the company has been hit by the NBFC crisis, there is nothing in the public domain that justifies such pessimism. There was a whistle blower complaint a...
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    Beware of Corporate Debt Risks

    The recent defaults by corporates like IL&FS, DHFL, RHFL etc have shocked the Indian debt market. Low interest rates in the west have created a gigantic bubble in the debt markets - not just in India but everywhere around the world. Poor quality companies and companies with questionable...