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    Vedanta - Delisting

    That is difficult to achieve. A large chunk of the shares are with mutual funds and insurance companies. If they throw away the shares at cheap valuations, it will create a big uproar. Just LIC has over 6% stake. Private DIIs can be convinced by under-table deals, but those investing public's...
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    How Long Will The Indian Economy Take to be on Track?

    I am not sure but it will surely take a few more months. There is too much toxic debt in the system and unless it is cleaned, getting back to a fast-growth path will be impossible.
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    Vedanta - Delisting I am not sure if the above rule is the latest one, but whatever the new rule is, it is likely to consider some kind of average price. Promoters can't just delist at prevailing market prices - else all companies will delist in bear markets...
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    Vedanta - Delisting

    No need to book a loss. If the promoter is serious about delisting, the final offer price will be much higher than the current price. The 26 week average price is somewhere around 118. Delisting can't happen below that price.
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    What to Buy in This Crash for Long Term?

    The main risk to the market is from the financials. Bank Nifty's chart is much weaker than Nifty's chart. Bank Nifty seems it is ready to start a new leg of its downtrend. Nitin Gadkari has hinted that a financial package may be unveiled this week. Markets can be volatile this week, so keep...
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    What to Buy in This Crash for Long Term?

    There is significant selling pressure above 9400 and even today market has come down after breaking out initially. Nifty isn't even able to stay above the 38.2% retracement level and that is a worrying sign. Government is likely to open up most parts of the economy from next week - not because...
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    RKSV Review?

    According to Schedule of Charges for IndusStock account, debit card charges are only Rs 249 per annum. You have a Platinum Premier card...
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    Deliveries missing in Sharekhan

    Please keep us updated.
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    What to Buy in This Crash for Long Term?

    Nifty has broken past the 38.2% retracement level of 9390. Next Fibonacci levels to watchout for are 9971 and 10551. I expect the market to slowly keep moving up as the economy re-opens. The real extent of damage done to the economy will be known only after 3-4 months.
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    What to Buy in This Crash for Long Term?

    True. Arranging liquidity has always been a challenge for MSMEs in India. With mounting losses, many of these businesses are now just weeks away for collapse. The coming recession will be a graveyard for small businesses. As if the demand destruction wasn't enough, the government has now...
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    SBI Cards IPO

    So much for "long term" investing. :-).
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    What to Buy in This Crash for Long Term? I think it's extremely risky to buy any finance company stock at the moment. Banks and NBFCs are leveraged 8-12 times and if the virus is not controlled...
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    Gold BeES

    Gold prices have moved up substantially in the 2018-2020 period. Gold price was around Rs 30300 in early January 2018 and Rs 31500 in early April 2018. Now it is Rs 45000; up 49% from Jan 2018. Many major markets are closed or have low volumes now. Gold BeES was around Rs 26.5 per unit in...
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    What to Buy in This Crash for Long Term?

    Another option that the government has is deficit monetization. India is already monetizing its deficits indirectly with OMOs. Two interesting reads...
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    Gold BeES

    Gold BeES performance may deviate a bit from underlying asset (gold) as 100% of the corpus is not invested in gold and also there are other expenses to take care of. Gold BeES has been moving up and down with gold prices (INR). Isn't it? I think the best way to invest in gold is to buy...