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    Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam (SJVNL) IPO

    Hi Alchemist, When would we get your valuable analysis to this IPO? Regards, Amitgeng:cheers:.
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    Applications from Multiple Demat Accounts

    i applied manually. can one apply for 2 applications with the same demat account with different bank's cheque. I even sent an email to karvy for reason not getting any share but no reply from there end as well.
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    OIL (Oil India Limited) IPO

    OIL Allotment Hi, As per this link applicants applied for more than 6 shares have got firm allotment. I applied 2 applications of 12 shares but when checked on Karvy site i found 0 allotted to me. what could be the...
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    OIL (Oil India Limited) IPO

    OIL Subcriptin 31% Hi Alchemist, What is your call now on this as it has oversubscribed 31 times? would it list with some premium? thanks Amitgeng
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    OIL (Oil India Limited) IPO

    OIL India IPO Hi Alchemist, Since both of the much hyped IPO (Adani Power and NHPC) listed flat, what would be your advise for OIL India IPO? shall we hope that it will not meet the same fate? what is your call on it? Regards, amitgeng
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    Globus Spirits IPO

    global spirit IPO Hi Alchemist, what is your opinion on this issue? would highly appreciate your analysis on this issue. Regards, Amitgeng
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    Essar Oil

    Hi, can anyone put some light as to why Essar Oil is quoting so high in the market? Ruias are known to be non-friendly to the investor and haven't paid any dividend for this share since its listing even then this stock climbed like anything from Rs.80 a couple of months back to 180. Warm...
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    Mahindra Satyam

    Apollo Tyres Hi Alchemist, Now a days all the experts in Media be it website or tv channels banking on to buy Satyam. I am really surprised why they are recommending Satyam which is in such a big mess and have lost some clients as well? can you please advise if Satyam has any potential left...
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    Apollo Tyres

    Hi Alchemist, Now a days all the experts in Media be it website or tv channels banking on to buy Apollo Tyres. What is your take on Apollo Tyres? Warm Regards, Amit Gupta
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    Reliance Petroleum (RPL)

    RPL - RIL Merger What should be price when i should buy RPL share to make it in multiple of 16? because it has been reached to 130-135 level, would it be wise to buy it now or should i wait for it to come down little bit? Warm Regards, Amit Gupta:confused:
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    Reliance Petroleum (RPL)

    RPL-RIL Merger Hi Alchemist, Since RPL is merged in RIL, is it good to stay in RPL and get the converted RIL shares? I have 70 shares of RPL of original allotment. Please advice and put some light on it. Regards, Amit
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    Avon Weighing Systems IPO

    Hi All, Can anyone put some insight on this IPO please? After a long long time i have seen an IPO with at par offering. Thanks
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    Reliance Power IPO

    Hi, does anyone know the record date of Reliance Power bonus? Thanks
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    Reliance Power IPO

    Reliance Power Hi, Any news when it is going to list? Thanks
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    UCO Bank and Spentex Industries

    Hi Alchemist, Why Spentex Industries have fallen so drastically. It was trading around 66 last week and suddenly it has come down to 34. Somebody gave me the news that it will touch 100 within a month. Where can i find news about it? Thanks: