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    Index-Based ETF

    I could not find BankBEES on ICICIDirect. How to invest in these?
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    Index Linked Funds or Actively Managed Funds?

    I am planning to invest for a very long term for say around 10 years. I am wondering which would give me better returns? An index linked fund or an actively managed fund? Can an actively managed fund consistently beat the market? Would the returns be higher including the extra costs for the...
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    Teledata Informatics

    I invested in this stock a couple of months ago on a tip from a friend (Big Mistake I now realize!). I bought 1000 @71.00 I was told that there is a demerger and that will result in a some value unlocking. I did some basic research (I was not all that good at it). The company was doing well...
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    SBI - Merger News

    Is the news of SBI merger going to help the stock? Would that make buying SBI a good mid term pick? Also, can anyone please tell me how it is going to affect the price of State Bank of Travancore, Mysore and Bikaner which are currently listed?
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    NTPC (National Thermal Power Corporation)

    I have a similar question. I want to buy NTPC for a term of two years, maybe more. Is the current price of 242 a good time to enter or is there some more downside expected?
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    Medium Term (2 years) advice needed

    One more thing. What is the story with Supreme Infrastructure? Why is it underperforming. To be perfectly honest, I can't find anything wrong, but somehow the stock keeps slipping.
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    Medium Term (2 years) advice needed

    No one??? Anyway here are the recent stocks that I have bought. Chambal - From my basic research, I have noticed that fertiliser space seems to be doing well and is mainly driven by demand within India itself. Not to mention the new fertiliser policy by the Govt. However, I have had a fall of...
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    Medium Term (2 years) advice needed

    Hi, First I must congratulate everyone here in this forum. This is a very nice place to be. I am now going in for my higher studies and therefore I will not be able to follow the stock market regularly. Also, I have a savings of Rs. 2 lakh that I would like to invest into some stocks that will...