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    Booking Plot with Parsvnath Developers Limited

    When I said potential for development I meant, how the locality is shaping up in terms of infrastructure like roads and other civic amenities, whether there are other upcoming residential projects in the neighborhood and so on. This aspect is to some extent a function of the location and would...
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    Booking Plot with Parsvnath Developers Limited

    In my experience the brand name of any developer can only serve as a pointer for the quality of construction (if there is a building involved and not just a plot). As to whether the real estate investment is a good one or not will depend on: location in terms of access, proximity to city...
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    Reliance Industries

    I am not certain, but I think the record date will be announced only after shareholder approval. Yes on both counts. Please refer the media release by RIL
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    Investing in FY 2009

    Global Meltdown - How is India Poised? The last few weeks have seen extreme volatility in the market. Popular opinion is that we have not seen the end of such write-downs and such problems. However, we are possibly into the last phase of the more difficult part of the cycle. So when the dust...
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    Market outlook for the next 3 months

    With the IAEA talks due for finalization anytime soon, we may be looking at elections also shortly. This may also have a significant effect on the movement of the market.
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    ICICI Bank - Worst Bank of India?

    I'll nominate HDFC Bank. From the time I opened an account with HDFC, I have never had a single smooth transaction. They are very responsive when you wish to open an account. All the responsiveness is conveniently absconding once the account is open. Their internet banking is rudimentary as...
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    Doubt On Brokerage Charged (HDFC Securities)

    Most brokerage houses charge brokerage for both buy and sell transactions. Exact rates can vary but in general the rate is typically a percentage of the turnover (transaction value). Rs. 30.34/- is the brokerage fee payable by you to HDFC for this buy transaction.
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    Buy and Sell Shares on Different Exchanges

    Yes you can do that.
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    India's GDP fixation

    There is no doubt that there is a lot of room for improvement in terms of spreading wealth. Having said that we have to remember that in a democracy, faster economic growth is the only way to alleviate poverty. We have to generate wealth first. Only then can we distribute it better. For the...
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    Posting Time Problem

    There is a provision to set the time display to you local time zone. Please go to the User CP (displayed in the top yellow bar) --> Edit Options --> Date & Time Settings. You can then choose IST and your time stamps will show accordingly.
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    How India Earns, Spends and Saves

    For a long time I had assumed that a good number of people would be investing in the markets. When I asked around, to my surprise I found that a good number of my friends and acquaintances still adopted "conventional" means of handling their savings....i.e to say they put the money away in FD's...
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    Query Regarding HDFC Securities

    It is the same on HDFC Securities....margin trading is used for day trading. Both the 'virtual tour' and 'learn the basics' section in the 'View Demo' link will give you a good overview on how to place margin orders. I don't use HDFC very frequently for day trading as I find ICICI Direct...
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    Doubt (Reliance Power Employee)

    Completely agree with this. TCS is known to be one of the best organizations for people at the entry level. But I think the choice here is not between TCS and REL. It’s about IT and Non IT. In the near future things will get tight for the IT industry in India. A recent article on TCS slashing...
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    Book Building?

    Book Building is a capital issuance process used in IPOs. This process facilitates price and demand discovery. Book building is used for marketing a public offer of equity shares of a company. The process taps both wholesale and retail investors. The issuer sets a base price and a band within...
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    Emaar-MGF IPO

    Looks like one more is on its way down to earth Emaar MGF seems to have revised its price band from the earlier 610-690 to 540-630 :D News update on moneycontrol