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    Indian Energy Exchange IPO

    I too skipped this one.
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    SBI Life Insurance Company IPO

    Thanks Alchemist , Your suggestion worked fantastic sell all 21 @ 736 , recovered all loss of ICICI Lombard in SBI :):)
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    SBI Life Insurance Company IPO

    What shall be strategy during Listing What should we do tomorrow at 10:00 am, sell at sharp 10:00 or keep it for few days, I burnt my finger in ICICI Lombard for selling at 10:00 @ 641?
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    ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company IPO

    Very strange , I sell sharp at 10:00 at 641 =, as I was in impression that it will go too much below and completely different behavior, totally different than what expert's analyzed.
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    Prataap Snacks IPO

    What are opinion for this IPO ?
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    SBI Life Insurance Company IPO

    Two application with same Demat account The following e-mail I received , as per this can some one apply two times from same Demat account ? If they apply whether application got rejected later on considering application done with same PAN holder ? All State Bank Shareholders as on September...
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    IPO Application Size - Doubt?

    Asba I have one more doubt Many time I got message from bank that please invest through my bank by ASBA Suppose I don't have any demat account, is it possible to invest for IPO via saving bank account by online application/ASBA? If yes than by chance if I got allotment , then how can I...
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    IPO Application Size - Doubt?

    Thanks, my doubt is cleared completely now.
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    IPO Application Size - Doubt?

    I have small question Consider share price in IPO = 100 & Lot size =100 Hence minimum application amount = 10,000/- What are advantage if some one apply with three scenario: a) One lot of 10,000 /- b) Five lot of 50,000 /- c) Twenty lot of 2,00,000 /- Consider that applicant have...
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    HPL Electric & Power IPO

    Another Bad listing 190 against 202?
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    ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company IPO

    Again Poor Listing , Second bad experience after L&T , Get away 48 shares @ 332 with loss of 2 Rs + Brokerage , Naam bade darshan Khote , Compare to Big names , Small IPO's performing better , All expert analysis proven again wrong
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    ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company IPO

    48 Shares money debited from account (under shareholder's quota). Which day listing is there?
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    Quess Corp IPO

    Why Quess suddenly down by 10% today ?
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    Debt Funds?

    I have reverse opinion , I too started investing in Debt Fund , Surprisingly fantastic yield in short term i.e. in few months > 4-5% , Annual yield seems > 14-15% , I now prefer Debt fund as a best option in this over-high market scenario & gradually shifting from matured FDs to debt fund.