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    Data Discrepancy Between Different Sites

    I have observed that some websites report standalone data (IIFL) and some report consolidated. So, this can be a source of discrepancy.
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    Free Cash Flow

    In addition to that - when we are looking at Indian companies it is very rare to find positive free cash flow after capital expenditures (including capex). So, one should be adept at analyzing negative free cash flow.
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    HCL Infosystems

    Nothing is wrong here, except that competition is keeping its revenue under check.
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    Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam (SJVN)

    I feel that its low P/E is because almost all revenue comes from 1/2 projects. I may be wrong since I haven't revisited it after its IPO. Moreover, hydro power plant commissioning is a very slow process. PS: I do not hold the stock.
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    India Motor Parts And Accessories

    I have also been watching this stock since some time, but I am not able to assess its potential going forward. How much do you think this business will be viable in next 5-10 years?
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    SKS Microfinance IPO

    The company has such a liberal ESOP and ESPP scheme that shareholders won't see much benefit for couple of years. Moreover, I don't like that - Dr. Akula transferred his shares to "Kismet Microfinance" and now that firm is cashing out and he himself got very liberal ESOPs in 2007. Most of the PE...
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    Suzlon Energy

    I am of view that only event which can help Suzlon is - pickup in demand for wind turbines. Rest all will fall in place, provided management performs well.
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    Alok Industries

    Alok Industries a real long term story Alok has great management, they have been able to consistently post EBITDA margins in excess of 20% since last 4 years. Order book of the company is full for next 18/24 months. The only concern is debt, which I think is comfortably supported by its...