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    Backoffice Software Suggestions?

    No, I am trying to work out a proposal for moving to the new system.
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    Backoffice Software Suggestions?

    I am trying to find out a list of good web based back office software for stock brokers available in India. I did some googling and got a list of software but need to know which are the good ones out there. The brokering house is trying to move out of a windows based back office system to web...
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    Never Mind Europe; Worry About India's Economic Growth

    This Economic Times article says the Indian economic condition is more worrisome than Eurozone. Is this a pressure tactic from the western economy to speedup reforms in India or is there any truth in this?
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    How Valuable is Stock Market Research in India?

    That is good idea, there can be many red flag reports based on certain criteria like time frame of exit or liquidity etc. People can choose the red list based on their personal preferences and pay a monthly subscription fee. Hope some independent equity analyst is watching this discussion (I am...
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    How Valuable is Stock Market Research in India?

    I believe good researcher would be acting on their research unless it breaks any rules/laws. The research in which one has put in their own money is called the "buy-side" research and is considered more reliable than the other kind. Research reports are not like trade call that say buy this...
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    How Valuable is Stock Market Research in India?

    In India, is stock market research valued by the investors. Will there be buyers for independent market research (i.e buy-side research) was made available to the investor at an affordable rate? All most all broking firms provide free market research, which is basic sell-side market research...
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    How Do You Pick Stocks?

    @Alchemist thanks for moving this to a thread of its own, I didn't know where to put it. My question whether you use a strategy in picking stocks for your portfolio. I was thinking of using strategies like CAN SLIM, GARP Investing , Dogs of Nifty Strategy etc. Dogs of Nifty seems to be the...
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    How Do You Pick Stocks?

    I have posted this question somewhere else also. How do you guys pick stocks, is there a fixed strategy to it?
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    marketbeater's Portfolio

    What are the stock picking strategies that you use? Is it just fundamental/technical analysis or do you use strategies such as Growth Investing, CAN SLIM, Dogs of Nifty etc?
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    Suggest a Broker for Trading/Demat Account for NRI

    I use Geojit and am happy with their services.
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    REPCO Bank

    I am hearing about this Bank for first time.
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    Hot Sectors for Investment?

    Which all sectors, do you think, are going to perform well in next six months? The automobile sector is doing good, there should be others that would do the same in the offing.