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    Mahindra Satyam

    Why do you think maytas is hitting 20% down circuit every day for the last 3 days. Was the deal to bail out maytas ? Is the company in trouble ?
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    Bonus Shares

    I am talking abt HDIL. Do you know who the registrar is ? Can they be contacted online ?
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    Are Mutual Funds Safe?

    Alchemist, I have read some reports that some mutual funds are borrowing short term money to meet redemption pressure. Is that what the govt has opened the special window for. Also isn't this really negative for whoever is holding as the interest also now have to be paid by the investors. This...
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    Right Time to Invest in ELSS (Equity Linked Saving Schemes)?

    Tax saving mutual funds have a lock in period of 3 years. You can see the returns of the top mutual funds over the last 3-4 years at moneycontrol or valueresearchonline.
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    Bonus Shares

    Alchemist, i am yet to receive any cash for the part shares after bonus. the bonus was in sep. i actually forgot about it. whom should i send the complaint to ? i tried searching the forums to find the post regarding the same because i think you have mentioned this before. but the search...
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    Mahindra Satyam

    The promoters are selling their maytas infra shares 6 Rs. below todays closing price. What will be the effect of this on maytas infra shares ?
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    Vote of thanks for Alchemist

    Promoters are always like that, isn't it !! :).
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    Shameful for Test Cricket

    I dont see it either. I just read that news and his post and it was kind of contradicting. So i posted it. :)
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    Shameful for Test Cricket

    Its not 2 overs late on the whole. The over rate is set per hour. And per hour they were 2 overs short.
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    Shameful for Test Cricket
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    About SIP?

    The fundhouse usually has only one branch in a city, whereas the bank has many. But the requests etc can be submitted at the bank as well i guess or can be mailed.
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    About SIP?

    Yes, the bank is considered a broker. You have to goto fundhouse office. has the details. You can also apply online from that site which is pretty easy and hassle free. To redeem though you have to submit a request to get the PIN no.
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    Are You Buying Anything?

    100 crore valuation for 47% or the whole thing ?
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    CORE Education & Technologies

    Was it declared after market hours ? Do you think buying some more is a good idea ?
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    My Mutual Fund Account is Activated - What Now?

    Yes. It is mandated by SEBI. It doesnt matter whether it is online or not. I am not sure whether reliance mf has an online option. I haven't tried it.