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    Jaiprakash Associates Fixed Deposits

    How do they compare to MFFD scheme? Also, my local bank (Abhyudaya) is having a funds mobilization drive, and giving 10% on FDs for 12-24 months? Can anyone show me how to calculate actual returns by comparing these to tax free schemes? How would DTC affect the net gains?
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    NRI Relocating to India

    Hi, I relocated to India this month. I was an NRI since 2009. Now the thing is, I was out of India for 265 days this year. I am being told I would be taxed in India. Could someone throw some light on this? Also, would the Double Taxation Treaty between India and US help me in this case?
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    Who is Going To Pay The Crude Oil Bill?

    Yeah, but what about the long term growth story? cos If major economies slow down.... We will slow down even more. Where is the IT sector heading then?
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    Who is Going To Pay The Crude Oil Bill?

    I dont understand how people can be optimistic about the economies, then.. People in US, especially. :) They(citizens) have a strong belief that things will change in a year.. elections will do that. I am confused as to how India's long term growth will remain intact!! With crude oil finally...
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    Who is Going To Pay The Crude Oil Bill?

    Hi Alchemist! (Posting after a long time..pardon for my absence) I read todays TOI editorial Swaminomics.. :) He appears very optimistic about the current crude oil scenario.. What is your opinion about his prediction that crude oil will drop below 100$ a barrel by 08 end??
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    Aishwarya Telecom IPO

    @ sanyad74 Dont worry, first there will be allotment, then the date will be announced, then you can always get Script codes. Keep checking moneycontrol for that. BTW, e-investing will be helpful too.:D
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    Titagarh Wagons IPO

    Alchemist, This is bit off the Topic, But could you tell me What are the Implications of Hiving off a subsidiary for the parent company? What I mean is Titagarh Industries owns TWL. Why has the stock sunk so much in the bear market? Is it because of bears only or there is some other reason...
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    Titagarh Wagons IPO

    Incorporated in 1997, TWL purchased land and machinery from Titagarh Steels in 1998 to set up a wagon manufacturing unit at Titagarh. In 2005, it acquired the loss-making Heavy Earth Moving equipment division of Hyderabad Industries at Uttarpara, West Bengal. Main client is Indian Railways...
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    Mundra Port and SEZ (MPSEZ)

    Is it possible that it will go below IPO price this week? Its already at 490 Can we sell it now and buy below 440??
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    Gold -Good Entry Point

    Awesome study, Man!! Thats really good!! Hope to have that kind of confidence over my findings some day!!;)
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    It's all about ULIP's

    Whether the plan has risk cover or not, is altogether different thing. All ULIP Plans and LIC plans have IT rebate.
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    Difference Between Current Account And Savings Account

    Hi Guys, I have always wanted to know the difference between Current account and Savings Account. Is it true that in Savings account, we can do only limited number of transactions per day? I have seen that the charges for current account services are very high compared to Savings account...
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    I do not think that there is any provision for trailing stoploss. One has to keep a track manually and just modify the trigger at periodic intervals.
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    Managing that Extra Amount

    RD is Recurring Deposit. You deposit certain money with bank every month and they give you certain fixed interest and a bonus on maturity. For example, I am depositing 2280 every month for a period of 39 months to get 102000!! so by depositing 88920, I get 102000!! That is an interest of 7...
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    Titagarh Wagons IPO

    Oh, got it. Link to article of PE placements in TWL :D:D:D:D