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    MCX IPO - Multi Commodity Exchange of India

    when is the allotment ? Do anybody know when allotment will be done? I heard that the allotment will be on 5th and refund on 6th March, but still I did not get any email regarding allotment or refund. If anyone has any idea then please let me know. Thanks
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    IPO Application using ASBA

    Applicant name in case of joint account holder Hi friends, I am trying to apply through SBI using ASBA for IPO. The DP account is jointly held by my mom and dad. So I have a query regarding the same i.e., what should be entered in applicant's name? Both the names? or first account holder's...
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    Introducer a Must for New Bank Account?

    Even if you do not have a account with bank, you can open FD. I myself have FDs with COSMOS, Ahmednagar Shahar Sahakari Bank and in past with IDBI bank and no other account with them. The only thing is if the maturity amount is more than 20K then they will not give you the cash instead a cross...
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    User Experience for Indian Mobile Handsets

    Just for 300, which model it it?
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    User Experience for Indian Mobile Handsets

    I myself had used Videocon handset and my wife used Spice and now she is using Micromax. All the phones are very good. The software has no problems but you can say not very user friendly (e.g., you cannot import contacts from other mobile very easily since you do not have pc-suite or you can...
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    Manganese Ore India IPO

    Applied for 510 shares at cut-off. Let's see if I get anything.
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    Information Needed about Indiabulls Securities

    Hi all, I am much worried after reading about the frauds by Sharekhan and Indiabulls. I am having account with Indiabulls. I am having a large list of scrips compared to my trading frequency. I am now worried and thinking of shifting to the pure demat account (like with Janata Sahakari Bank...
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    Best/Worst Stock Investment Ever?

    my best ever treads One of the best for me was RNRL (just bought on tip) @ 27 and booked small profit (10% shares) @ 90 and sold remaining @ 235. Then PFC @ 142 on 27Jun2007 and still holding it. Others are TATA Motors, BEML, BOB, CIPLA.
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    Mangalam Cement

    Alchemist, please your views on this stock at entering at these levels. What do you say?
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    Vivek Patil's Technical Analysis Report?

    I think I should start reading this reports weekly so that I could get some information.
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    Coal India IPO

    Should we keep this for some more time? What can be target for next 1 month?
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    DCM Shriram Consolidated

    Experts please give your advice. I am also holding 50 shares @ 72 per share purchased on 3 Oct 2007.
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    Samvat 2067 : Muhurat Trading : Your Picks?

    Alchemist your views on these picks please. Also I would like to add some more: Raj Oils. BGR Energy.
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    Power Grid Corporation of India

    should we invest So sir should we invest in this FPO, what do you say? I am looking for term of at least 2-3 years. Please give advice. As the pricing is going to be declared today where can we see it?
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    Power Grid Corporation of India

    Friends, any updates regarding the price band and grading for this FPO? Where can we get this info?