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    SBI Cards IPO

    This is very true.
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    Forum Participation

    I would love to but I am too shy to do that :ROFLMAO:.
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    Novice to Professional

    This is a nice advice and yes, you need to be rational when it comes to trading.
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    SBI Cards IPO

    Timing is certainly bad, unfortunately.
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    Forum Participation

    I hope this forum can become more active soon. I feel lonely in here haha.
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    Vedanta - Delisting

    Thanks for the advice.
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    What to Buy in This Crash for Long Term?

    Gonna keep an eye on that.
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    Greed vs Fear

    I agree with you on this. But I think it is better to learn everything on your own especially your trading style, your strategies, and more.
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    What Happened to this Site - Some Time Back?

    Seems like I registered in a bad time?