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    Home Loan Interest Rate

    I have taken home loan from SBI @ 8.95 Int rate. When RBI cut the interest rates whether I will automatically get benefited or I have to approach the bank for reduction in interest rate, please answer.
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    Credit Card Excess Charge

    Thanks for response. I have closed all the outstanding dues. Please suggest how I can use credit card fruitfully.
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    Credit Card Excess Charge

    I am using SBI Credit card and I have purchased for Rs 11000 since Jan 2018 using the card and monthly I used to pay the minimum balance. Now I found that I have paid rs 16000 since jan 2018 and usage Charges itself is Rs 11900. Now Rs 30k is outstanding. Am I wrongly used the card? Now what is...
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    Home Loan Insurance

    Hi, I want to take home loan insurance for the home loan taken from SBI of 25 lk. Please suggest which loan insurance I have to go (prefer term plan)?
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    Housing Loan

    Sir, I have sanctioned housing loan from SBI amounting 25 lakh. Moratorium period is 3 months, after that EMI of Rs. 24608 will start. First installment of Rs. 6.17 lakh drawn. Balance as per the progress of construction (installment wise). Construction will complete in 4 years. 8.35% is the...
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    Housing Loan from Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana

    Hi, has anybody have any idea about Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana were up to 12 lakh can be taken for buying house with 6% interest. Please share if any ideas.
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    Policy for Children?

    My son is now 6 yrs. I like to open an LIC policy for my son. which one I choose? Please suggest.
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    extra tax saving through CPF

    Hi, I have heard of additional tax excemption for CPF contributions. My tax current savings are the following: u/s 80 C (LIC+PLI+PPF) = Rs. 42,000 u/s 80 CCD(1) & CCD(2) ie, CPF = 1,10,000 so i am covering the 80 C limit ie, 1.5 Lakh. Now my question is that if i am depositing further Rs...
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    Tax Saving Through ELSS

    Thank you. My main intention is for tax saving and I want to invest for minimum of 3 years. Money control shows discovery fund is doing well. Shall I choose this fund? Please suggest.
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    Tax Saving Through ELSS

    I wanted to open a tax saving elss scheme under 80c. I have approached icici. they have suggested me the following schemes.1. ICICI discovery fund, 2. Blue chip fund, 3. Prudential long term equity 4. Wealth builder II. Which of the above will be more beneficial to me. Also they have suggested...
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    ELSS Lumpsum or SIP?

    Hi, I like to invest in ELSS. What will be the best way, open a recurring deposit for 1 yr and pay in lumpsum to ELSS or through SIP? Which will be beneficial to me? Please suggest.
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    To Open ELSS, Saving A/c Required?

    Hi, I have approached Axis bank for opening ELSS through SIP. They are asking for opening a savings A/c with min balance of 10k for opening ELSS. Is it mandatory to open saving a/c for ELSS? Please advice.
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    Good Investment Plan?

    Dear friends, I am paying an income tax of Rs.23609/Yr. Please advice how I can invest/save money effectively & a plan for a good long-term investment. My Yearly Income details is as under: Yearly Gross Salary :629983 My Savings (LIC+PLI+NPS) :143892 Taxable Income...
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    Car Loan

    Planning to take sbi car loan for 5 lakh. What if i want to short close the loan amt with in 1 year of taking the loan? or partial payment of the total loan amt in a short duration? pl suggest.
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    long term investment

    Hai, I want to invest in long term deposit (15-20 yrs) through SIP in ELSS/Equity Funds etc. Which one will give a good return after long term? pl suggest.