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    Sovereign Gold Bond

    Are all bonds pay interest on the same day ? Is it Feb 5th?
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    Emkay Global's Bad Trades Take Nifty To 4900

    May be the filter check happens once a minute or may be even once a second , but in that second many trades are already done in mili, micro, even nano seconds may be :p that's why it fell 15% before the auto filter system kicked in.
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    Glodyne Technoserve

    Thanks for the reply everyone. Yes even I observed that AMO orders comes in bulk and stands in queue and it may take 1 min delay also for orders to come in queue in market order. Today I placed market order for sell at 9:15:00 AM, was waiting like tiger hunting its prey. Guess what even...
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    Glodyne Technoserve

    Hi, This is perhaps my biggest mistake so far :(. I bought GLODYNE scrip 2 days ago when it was down in lower circuit (Yes that's the scrip which was banned in securities trading and 5% LC limit was imposed). From past 2 days I am trying to sell this but there are no buyers at all :( . I am...
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    Samvardhana Motherson Finance IPO

    Well this has been given ICRA 4 grading. Seems like nice IPO. have to see the financials
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    S&P Revises India Economic Outlook to Negative

    More info : S&P revises India economic outlook to negative I feel this is very serious threat to Indian economy. If downgrade happens a major chunk of FII investments will go away perhaps. What's your thought on this ?
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    Balanced Well-Diversified MF Portfolio

    Hi :) I am planning to create my balanced well diversified mutual fund portfolio. After researching for some days, I found these funds for regular lump-sum investments : 1) For Large Cap => DSP BlackRock Top 100 Equity 2) Large And Mid => HDFC Top 200 3) Mid And Small => IDFC Premier...
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    HDFC Bank - Revised Service Charges

    No. I have just a normal savings bank account with them.
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    HDFC Bank - Revised Service Charges

    The only thing that concerns me is I had a deposit of 1 Lakh and had not worried of all this AMB,AQB; now seems like I need to worry.
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    Novise trader - Need expert advice

    One thing i learnt from market. There is no perfect time to enter. One can make money at any time if he/she knows how to trade and manage money. Normally new traders will enter in this market thinking timing is perfect and shares are available at low cost. Not the case always.
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    L&T Finance Holdings IPO

    Just one curious question: Can I apply for full 2 lakh in retail quota ? I just completed my studies and I am a non salaried person (will become one from September :) ) and my income has not crossed the tax limits (as of last year) Somewhere I read that the income tax is going to scrutiny and...
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    Muthoot Finance IPO

    Applied for 440 shares at cut-off. Let's see how this turns out.
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    Tata Steel FPO

    Exactly. We don't know where this bear run will lead and surely its expensive taking in account the current market sentiments and conditions. Skipping this issue. Seems like a greedy issue to get the juice from investors before some major bear run/action happens.
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    ajitpalsingh's Portfolio

    The bold text is untrue Professionals make money only during these occasions When market is calm and less volatile,% of profit achieved are less. If one can predict the market and is in correct positions during these volatile trades then one can make killer amount :) And one advice : Use...
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    sudhashbahu's Portfolio

    You and Me would have made a killer if we had hold it :(. I shorted MNIFTY at 6086 and cleared at 6036.