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    How to Buy LIC e-Term – Online Term Insurance Policy :beer::beer::dancing2:
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    Tax Free Bond Issues - February 2014

    What about the liquidity? Should that also be a criteria while buying? Where can we get the performance of previous Tax Free Bonds?
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    LIC to Launch Online Term Policy

    Wait for Ulip plan from LIC gets longer | Business Standard However, LIC customers, especially the technology-savvy ones, have reason to cheer. For, the insurer has already filed an online term plan with the insurance regulator and, once approved, customers can purchase it online. The insurer...
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    Term Insurance -Too much analysis has led to paralysis

    Do this: LIC - 50% Private Player - rest 50% or whatever ratio suits you. Basically split your insurance cover to reduce the cost. You can also ladder it like this Now (if liablities are less now)- e.g. no home loan, check your current need. After 5 yrs - add more term insurance only if...
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    Surrendering New Insurance Policy?

    I want to surrender my Anmol Jeevan Plan 1, less then 6 months old as ANMOL JEEVAN 2 and Amulya Jeevan 2 are cheaper by 20-30% so why pay high premium for next 20 yrs. Can someone help me with surrender procedure and things to be aware of ?
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    Term Insurance -Too much analysis has led to paralysis

    LIC’s new term plans for 2014 - Anmol Jeevan-II and Amulya Jeevan-II
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    Term Insurance -Too much analysis has led to paralysis

    New LIC Terms plans launched today with lower premiums. LIC's Anmol Jeevan - II Plan (UIN:512N285V01 ) - PLan 822 LIC's Amulya Jeevan - II Plan (UIN:512N286V01) - Plan 823
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    Term Insurance -Too much analysis has led to paralysis

    Is Aviva Life Insurance looking for a buyer?? what happens to the interest of policy holders? How does claim ratio changes in such cases? Private insurance means lot of un-necessary questions and risks to consider :).
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    Term Insurance -Too much analysis has led to paralysis

    Have lil more patience .. this year LIC will be launching term plan and the premium is surely going to be less, as they need to use the new mortality chart for deciding the premium for Life Insurance do not trust private. Insurance is a business, depending on the profit targets of a company the...
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    Banks: HDFC Bank to Charge for InstaAlerts

    Banks are getting greedier day by day. 10-12 yrs back everything used to be via branches. Now even for the basic stuff like ATM withdraw, SMS alert some greedy banks are asking for fee. This all should be part of normal basic banking package.
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    Base Branch and Locker

    I am interested in opening a locker with ICICI Bank, Indore but my Savings Account base branch is in Mumbai. My queries are: • Is it possible to have savings account with branch and locker with another branch? Can these two be linked? or • Do I need to open One More savings account with...
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    Transfer Mutual Funds to Relative or Friends

    Hi All, I want to close my demat/trading account. The challenge I have is the MFs that I hold. I do not want to sell them. How can transfer them to someone else's account (brother/sis/wife?) Thanks,
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    Reliance Capital

    I have taken position for next 5 days. It has touched 484 today. Do you think it is worth holding and will it able to touch 495 in next 5 days and might be 520 in next 2-3 weeks? Might be it would close above 475 today.
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    Reliance Capital

    Yes, I purchased at 478.
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    Reliance Capital

    What is the short term (5 days ) target for Reliance Capital, 501?