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    Starting with Technical Analysis

    No. Is it any different from TradingView? I liked Trading/ChartNexus for a quick look at charts. But I prefer excel for my own charts only because it's very flexible.
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    Starting with Technical Analysis

    I tried a lot of different software over the last few months. I finally settled on MS Excel to be the best option to plot my own charts. I also look at TradingView & ChartNexus.
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    IRB InvIT and India Grid Trust

    I own IRB Invit for a little more than a year now. My buying price was 74. In the first year, I got 8.60 Rs as interest for each unit. This does not include the RoC which also I got from the Invit. So in the interest part it has been great. But the price of the Invit itself has gone down to...
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    Starting with Technical Analysis

    @Alchemist, I have spent a lot of time trying to read to read Edwards & Magee. It's a book with a lot of info but I still consider it a terrible book because it's very ambiguous, poorly described stuff etc. I can write another book about all the problems of this. However, Magee's Basing Points...
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    Sovereign Gold Bond

    How are Zerodha & Upstox?
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    Starting with Technical Analysis

    But that's not the logic behind the "Both averages must confirm rule", right? DJIA is the industries index & the other is the Transportation index. The logic behind the rule is that if industries are doing well, then the transportation companies which transport industrial goods will also be...
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    Starting with Technical Analysis

    I have just started with this book. Few questions 1) The Dow Jones Theory part - signalling of bull market, bear market etc? Does it work in India? What index average does it work for? Is it Sensex/Nifty or something else? Also some things like "Both averages must confirm" - what are the 2...
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    Question about Reserves/Retained Earnings

    First of all, is there any difference between Reserves & Retained Earnings? While making the balance sheet how would you calculate the increase in reserves? What other stuff is involved here other than Net Profit after Tax less dividend?
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    Shriram Transport Finance Fixed Deposits

    How safe are Shriram Transport FDs? I have one of 50,000 Rs which is maturing in a couple of years. Should I redeem it after paying penalty or does it look safe? Any idea about their Solvency, Liquidity, Asset Liability mismatch etc?
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    is there any common platform for mutual funds especially for Direct plans? - MF Utility - has all AMCs. The platform is created by the AMCs.
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    Transferring Stock Between NSDL Demat Accounts

    I have 2 trading accounts - ICICIDirect & Kotak Securities. ICICI has a 0.5% brokerage & Kotak has 0.26%. Both have their own linked NSDL Demat Acct. So I was thinking of moving stock from my ICICI NSDL Demat Acct to Kotak NSDL demat Acct, that will save me some money on brokerage while...
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    78 Year Old Widow with around 70-80 lakhs

    One more question about the same person. Last year, when her husband what alive, both of them put together had an income of about 6-7 lakhs per year (interest income, pension, etc). Both of them never filed tax returns since they retired which was 15-20 years ago. They just filled up Form 15...
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    78 Year Old Widow with around 70-80 lakhs

    Any opinion on PNB Housing Finance Fixed Deposit & LIC Housing Finance's Sanchay Public Deposit Schemes? Can these be considered safe?
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    How Necessary is a Will?

    What happens if a person with movable property does not leave a will, but the legal heir is a nominee in the immovable property? What is cost of probate for immovable property?
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    How Necessary is a Will?

    Let's say a person has nominees or joint holders in everything? Is a will still necessary? I mean - let's say a nominee has been set in the house with the housing society. What happens when the person dies without a will - what is the the process then for taking ownership of flat? Likewise for...