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    Better Mobile Support

    Hi Alchemist, I was wondering if you can add better mobile support for this forum. Many times, I want to check the forum on the phone and the default site opens up which is difficult to use on the phone because of the constant scrolling (both up-down and side-ways) and relatively higher...
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    D B Realty IPO

    I did not find any thread on this IPO. DB Realty is one of the major real estate developers in Mumbai. And this morning, Udayan compared it to HDIL. Any reason why people are not interested in this one? Any analysis or suggestions? The retail subscription until yesterday was only 0.02 times...
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    Evaluate a Debt Fund?

    Right... so with the solemn intention of better asset allocation, I thought of investing (in a staggered way) some percentage of my savings in Debt funds. Until now, I had never even tried to check what are the options available to us. But since the past week, I have come across so many Debt...
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    Depository Charges - HDFC Demat

    Hi Everyone, I had a question about something called "Depository Charges" levied by HDFC Demat account. This is a charge (0.04% of the transaction value, or Rs. 20, which ever is higher) that they levy whenever shares are debited from my demat account (when I sell any shares). I wanted to...
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    Motivation Behind E-Investing?

    Alchemist, what is your motivation to set up this forum?
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    My First Trade

    hmmm... I remember the date of my first trade on the stock exchange. That was Nov 9th. Had been downhill ever since until a few months back :) So I know how it feels!
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    Inactive/Dead Companies

    Hi Everyone, A relative of mine has some share certificates ( :hmmmm2: ) of obscure and inactive companies of the 80s and 90s. He never took any interest in those and now wants me to find out what is the status of those stocks. Here is a list of companies of which he has the share certificates...
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    RSS Feed?

    Hi Alchemist, Is it possible to provide an RSS feed for the new posts, in real time, if possible? Usually I check the web-site from work and when the work is too much, it sometimes slips my mind. If such a feed is available, it can come directly to my email client which also has an RSS reader...
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    Stock Alerts?

    Hi, Any one knows of a site which provides stock alerts via email or SMS for free? Money Control provides SMS updates but they charge for it. Earlier Money Control provided email alerts for free but they have discontinued the feature. I am specifically looking for real-time (or with some delay)...
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    IPO Allotment Letter

    Hi Everyone, In order to file taxes, I would need the IPO Allotment letter which would specify how many shares I got of a particular company and at what price. But the problem is, I do not remember getting any such letter in my mail box for Reliance Power IPO allotment nor for Future Group...
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    Good Introductory Book on Investing?

    Hello Everyone! I am looking to buy a good book which provides the fundamentals of investing. I have been trading online for a couple of months, but it has been mainly applying for IPOs or buying reliable stocks on advice. Of course, I have a couple of very reliable sources whom I can trust...
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    Day Trading on HDFCSec?

    Hi Everyone, I have been trading (delivery) online for a couple of months but have never tried day trading. I actually don't know how to do it on HDFCSec. I tried looking at documentation on the site but it does not seem to be very good. Does anyone else here use HDFCSec and has an idea of how...