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  1. Guzilkree

    What Happened to this Site - Some Time Back?

    They seems changes overall forum engine which is simply fantastic, as for me it's loading very very fast and I do need a lot of them really. How do you plan to go with that in future ? Do let me know anyway. Thanks for all that plans, we'll see.
  2. Guzilkree

    Leaving a Company - Question

    I do not even understand what you mean here, sorry, are your friend or common person somehow connected to the management of the company and leaving some amount of money cause of that bad move or what really ? How he linked to the questions you asked ?
  3. Guzilkree

    Excel Sheet Comparison

    Out of curiousity, are you using that VBA in something other than that Excel sheets or so ? I simply do not see how it can really helps somewhere else, but I do remember learning Visual Basic like 20 years ago or so . Thanks for reminding;)
  4. Guzilkree

    Revive This Portal

    It really depends what you mean here by that forum not being active! I can tell you for example that it have way too many active threads maybe not in the sections you are really interested in and that's basically it. Not more than whole other cases.
  5. Guzilkree

    Zomato's Generous 50% Discount

    I thought Zomato is only for searching for restaurants, never knew or even suppose that you can get some discounts by using them. That is totally cool really. I am all for that, I am all eager to try all that. I already missed that opportunity but I will use it more next time.
  6. Guzilkree

    The Economic Times: 10 Golden Rules of Investing

    It's obvious and common sense, but in reality I never seen so full so comprehensive article about that things anywhere, it's like some sort of minibook really for such common advice, I thought I will simply take a look, but it will take like hour or more to read anyway, thanks!:)
  7. Guzilkree

    Eurozone Crisis - II

    China is in center of the world and lot of Asian countries do, they impacted much last few years really. Greece do not produce anything probably for now, their manufacturing completely destroyed with help of EU and they just donor it with money. They may do that with few more, but world changes now.
  8. Guzilkree

    Peaceful Money Management for Couples

    Money matters are very delicate and can break even the strongest relationships if not handled with utmost care. In order to avoid arguments and cases of distrust that may arise due to poor money management, one should have a budget and practise discipline in following it to the letter
  9. Guzilkree

    Real Estate in India

    You let me know how it is now ? So many years passed and in my country I also bought thing "in construction" condition and waited so much years till it's done so I've lost all my money during the way and now trying to sold it as cheap as only possible. Don't make my mistake
  10. Guzilkree

    Is The Revolution Coming?

    I wonder how people in this thread will comment current world situation with everything. Take example of Trump, Ukraine, Venezuela, Yellow Vests/Notre Dam de Pari, Brexit, migrant crisis, Russian sanctions, Syria and a lot more. I think situation is a lot more different than it was earlier.
  11. Guzilkree

    Google Chrome (New Google Browser)

    I couldn't believe that so many times passed since that release ?! It will be like 11 years already. Yes Chrome become really replacement for every other browser I had in that time. Not all Google products were so much good, but that one really is. And they still continue to support it still and...
  12. Guzilkree

    78 Year Old Widow with around 70-80 lakhs

    Why not just put them with highest percentage banks for fixed deposits, but to several ones with each guaranteed amount ?! I think it's a very good plan and solid and safe income, I am more than sure about that. I plan do to such for my own mather when it will be the need.
  13. Guzilkree

    Which Inverter To Buy?

    Sorry, but what is it in 2019 ? If this is still no broadband now ? I used ADSL in something like 2007 last time I can remember and if you are saying here about something to protect connection then optic fiber with some protective thing is more than enough to have solid 24/7 connection no matter...
  14. Guzilkree

    Financial terms in economy - questions

    Have you considered to take finance degree prior to that ? Don't want to offend but there are a lot of things which needs to makes sense in your head to make it all understandable and sometimes addittional education needed. Not just asking questions in forum. Lawyers and doctors are getting...