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    How to Buy LIC e-Term – Online Term Insurance Policy :beer::beer::dancing2:
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    Base Branch and Locker

    I am interested in opening a locker with ICICI Bank, Indore but my Savings Account base branch is in Mumbai. My queries are: • Is it possible to have savings account with branch and locker with another branch? Can these two be linked? or • Do I need to open One More savings account with...
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    Transfer Mutual Funds to Relative or Friends

    Hi All, I want to close my demat/trading account. The challenge I have is the MFs that I hold. I do not want to sell them. How can transfer them to someone else's account (brother/sis/wife?) Thanks,
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    Yes Bank Savings Account

    Hi All, Kindly share your experiences with Yes Bank. Following good feature I can see: 1. No Premature FD withdrawal penalty. 2. Any branch online FD creation. 3. Free Home Service with limits. 4. Higher Savings Interest Rates. Cons: Less Branches. Thanks.
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    IDBI Samriddhi CD Portal

    IDBI Bank has launched online portal for buying CDs. Kindly share the analysis and URL for the portal.
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    Home Loan Opportunity/Real Cost

    Hi All, I was trying to calculate the actual cost of a HOME LOAN and buying a flat. The points I included are:- Interest outgo of loan Tax saved Monthly rent saved Property/municipal tax paid each year Society maintenance Charges Maintenance cost of flat (painting, repairs etc) FD interest...
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    EPF Withdrawal After 7 Years

    It has been 7 years since I left a firm. If I withdraw the EPF amount (as I am not getting any interest on the same) the tax would be deducted as per older tax slabs or the current tax slabs? Can someone help with easy calculator? Link to website? Rule reference?
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    YTM for Tax-Free Bonds and NCDs

    Hi All, Where can I get the daily YTM for the TAX Free Bond and NCDs. Cheers, Sunil
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    Actual Cost of a HOME LOAN

    Hi, Can you please help with an Excel that can calculate the Profit/Loss after considering: Tax Benefit Rent Saved FD Interest Loss that could have been earned (for initial payment of home loan, processing fee etc) Maintenance Cost of Apartment Property tax paid each yearand other such known...
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    Tax on EPF Withdrawal

    I worked with a private company for 66 months. Out of this for 18 months (in breaks) I was is USA and was paid USA salary. I have given a provident fund (PF) withdrawal request to my ex-employer. Will the PF amount be taxable?
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    Why should salaried employee take additional health plan?

    Why buy a health policy? I have a company policy and hence not going to use the other personal policy that I buy? I am young so I am not going to use this policy till the time I retire? Then why should I pay the premium NOW?? Kindly help me with the about questions? Do not provide the...
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    LIC Online Term Plan?

    This plan has been launched? There was lot of hoopla and news, comments and reviews etc, but as far as I know this plan is still not in market? :santaclaus:
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    EPF Transfer - Suggestions and Experiences

    Hi All, I have been "trying" to transfer my EPF funds from Company A to Z and Company B to Z since last 20 months. But alas, I couldn't and kinda tired. Please suggest, even the grievance system is not effective. None picks the phone or replies to emails. :(
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    Profit and Loss Report in ICICIDIRECT

    How to find stocks' profit/loss in ICICIDIRECT?
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    PPF Account Contribution

    Can an Individual deposit 1L in his name and 1L in his child's name in PPF account every year? Would he be eligible for interest on both account? Forget the tax part for this query. Kindly provide some reference valid and authentic URL for the same.
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    EPF Balance on SMS

    Here is the link to check your epf status: EPFO
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    ICICIDIRECT With Non-ICICI Bank Savings Account

    Hi All, Someone told me It is possible to link the NON-ICICI BANK savings account with ICICIDIRECT Account. basically there is no need to have a savings account with ICICI BANK for ICICIDIRECT Account. Is this true? Is someone already using the facility, kindly share the experience. Cheers.
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    SBI PPF Online and Funds Transfer

    Hi all, 1. Is it possible to view the SBI PPF Account balance online? Do I need to compulsorily have a SBI Savings account for it? 2. How to transfer amount from Non-SBI savings account to SBI PPF account using NEFT? Is this possible, if yes HOW? Cheers.
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    No Premature FD withdrawl penalty

    Hi All, Requirement 1: I want to name of banks that do not charge any penalty on premature withdrawl for FDs As of now I know only IDBI bank only offers this facility. Requirement 2: Banks that offer facility to open Fixed deposit with DIFFERENT branches online. As of now IDBI, AXIS have...
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    Gold Petal by MCX - SIP for Retail

    Hi All, I want to start SIP in Gold Petal (by MCX). Few questions: What are the additional charges? a) Brokerage b) Vault Charges c) Delivery Charges d) ST/VAT etc How can do this online? Does ICICIDirect or any other brokerage house support this?