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    Question about Reserves/Retained Earnings

    First of all, is there any difference between Reserves & Retained Earnings? While making the balance sheet how would you calculate the increase in reserves? What other stuff is involved here other than Net Profit after Tax less dividend?
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    Transferring Stock Between NSDL Demat Accounts

    I have 2 trading accounts - ICICIDirect & Kotak Securities. ICICI has a 0.5% brokerage & Kotak has 0.26%. Both have their own linked NSDL Demat Acct. So I was thinking of moving stock from my ICICI NSDL Demat Acct to Kotak NSDL demat Acct, that will save me some money on brokerage while...
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    How Necessary is a Will?

    Let's say a person has nominees or joint holders in everything? Is a will still necessary? I mean - let's say a nominee has been set in the house with the housing society. What happens when the person dies without a will - what is the the process then for taking ownership of flat? Likewise for...
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    78 Year Old Widow with around 70-80 lakhs

    What's the best way to distribute the money? Safety & reducing/avoiding taxation is paramount.
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    PSU Buybacks - What is Happening? I understand why private companies buyback stock. If a company doesn't have anything to spend money on, it's better to buy back stock & retire it - so...
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    Converting Old Physical Shares

    My dad who got out of the stock market many years ago, found some physical copies of shares he had. He is sure some of them are still in his name & he never demated them or sold them. Others he doesn't remember. So - is there a way to go about finding out if those shares still belong to...
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    Books to Understand Balance Sheet, P & L and Cash Flow

    I have a science/engg background. What book/site should I go through to understand basics of reading Balance Sheets, P & L statements & Cash flow? I have a good aptitude for math/calculations & understand very basic concepts but nothing beyond that.
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    NPS - Is it a Good Thing or Not?

    I already invest 1.5 Lakhs in PPF. I was wondering if it makes sense to invest 50K more in NPS? I know the 50K becomes tax free. - However, is the earnings on NPS tax free? - Is withdrawal tax free? - Are there any guaranteed returns?
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    Fixed Income Investment for Very Old Parents

    My parents aged 76 & 82 are looking for some fixed income investments - what do people here recommend?
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    All about Loans, EMIs, Interest-Principal Components, Prepayments

    The earlier question I posted about part prepayment - started off as a pure question. But as I was framing the question, a probable answer struck me & I have written it in the original post...
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    Part Prepayment - how does the tenure always decrease in whole numbers?

    Whenever I do part prepayment of my home loan, I always ask them to reduce the tenure and keep the installment same. I part-prepay anywhere between 1 to 6 EMIs (that's the maximum allowed per month without visiting the branch). I am curious as how always the tenure reduces by a whole number...
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    Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

    The Budget Cess on Coal has been doubled Securities Transaction Tax has been increased on options Excise on Jet fuel increased from 8% to 14%. Airtickets are going to become more expensive 1% Cess on Petrol levied 2.5% Cess on Diesel levied Excise Duty on cigarettes increased 1% Cess...
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    Closing and Reopening PPF Account

    My PPF account will become 15 years old this year. PPF has always been my favourite investment option (for tax saving & also otherwise). My original plan was to renew the account for another 5 years. But the far left taxation policies of this government have scared the hell out of me. I am...
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    Can It Be Demat'ed?

    My dad found a bunch of old stock in physical form which were lying somewhere. These are quite old 7 to 20 years old. Now, he doesn't remember whether he has already dematted some of these and sold them or these were never dematted - does the fact that he has these stocks in physical form mean...
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    PPF After 20 Years

    So PPF Account lasts for 15 years and can then be renewed for 5 years. But what happens after 20 years? Can you renew it further? Can you open a new account? Also does PPF withdrawal rules change for older people. I have an uncle who is 50 years old & has finished 15 + 4 = 19 years on his...
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    Paying Back a Home Loan

    I believe it's always better to pay off a home loan if you have the money to do so. But I was wondering if how much difference is there in when you pay off the home loan. Is paying off a loan earlier i.e. in the xth year instead of the x+1th year more advantageous than whatever interest you are...
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    So What Happened?

    Why was the account suspended? IIRC, this happened once some years back also.
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    Home Loan - Registered Mortgage

    Normally the home loan we take from banks is called Equitable Mortgage. There is another kind of loan called as a Registered Mortgage. This is done typically when the home papers aren't fully available (but still good enough to do a transaction). In this case, bank only agrees to a Registered...
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    Best Non-Equity 80C Investment other than PPF

    I think PPF is the best thing to plonk your 80C in. But this year for some reasons, I don't want to. What do others think the best 80C investment is other than PPF. I don't want to do equity stuff.
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    Tax on FDs

    If an FD matures in 3 years, do you show all the interest in the 3rd year or do you show it year by year?