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    Turnover Vs Volume?

    What is difference between Turnover vs Volume. I.e. NIFTY Index. Date Open High Low Close Shares Traded Turnover ( Cr) 25-Apr-2013 5856.10 5924.60 5853.30 5916.30 199597725 9211.66 26-Apr-2013 5899.75 5907.05 5860.50 5871.45...
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    Arshiya International

    Another fraud: lower circuit! Deccan Chronicle repeated? Arshiya International drops 20% after high-profile firings - This is why I stopped investing fundamentally! :ciao:
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    Flaw in Fundamental Analysis

    HP just reported a loss of 8 billion due to mis representation of financial statements by Autonomy Corp which HP agreed to buy. Hewlett-Packard Profit Forecast; $8.8 Billion Charge - Bloomberg We also saw Deccan Chronicle do that. We also saw Satyam Do it. Enron do it. List will get long...
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    A2Z Maintenance and Engineering Services

    Jhunjhunwala Uncle is buying more into his investment. I am not sure what he knows and understands what I am not able to grasp! Jhunjhunwala buys into A2Z Maintenance - Indian Express The share is sitting at 91 Rs giving a market cap of 675 crore. Profit of 20 Crore this year in 2012. This is...
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    Strangle Nifty - VIX Lowest in 2.5 Years

    Alchemist wanted to check your thoughts on Nifty strangle for August expiry which can capture 10% swing on either side. Formation will cost 1000 Rs on lot of 50 for nifty, marked in Red on the image! and VIX chart where you can see the lowest level.
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    USD-INR Hourly Data One Time

    Hi I need usd-inr hourly data one time for past 5 years or less? Please attach the file here.
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    Sequoia Fund

    Alchemist what do you think of this fund? They have beaten Warren Buffet lately!:shakehands:
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    Facebook IPO

    Is IPO process in US same as in India? How can a retail investor in US invest in that IPO?
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    ICRA Limited

    Alchemist what are your thoughts on rating agencies? How do you rate the business itself and this scrip compared with CRISIL? My calculations state that it looks a good buy in small quantity? It has 261 employees who generate a profit of 22 lakhs per employee vs 2800 employees of CRISIL who...
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    Cotton (Kapas) - Cost of Farming?

    Does anybody have a idea how much it costs to produce kapas 1 KG? Govt of India has set MSP (minimum support price) of 3000 Rs a Quintal or 30 Rs per Kg? NCDEX Price of futures is 20 KG = 710 Rs or 1 Kg = 35 Rs approx.? Uploaded with Seeing the chart even lower prices are...
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    Olympus Corp

    It is interesting case of fraud and innovative way of fraud read here Olympus Used Gyrus Fees to Hide Losses - Bloomberg Guess who is Auditor in 2009? KPMG :five:
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    3M India

    Why so frenzy in this company? Market Cap 4700 Crore for a sales of 1230 Crore and profit of 171 Crore? It has NPM of 8% and GPM = 14%, what am I missing? Total balance sheet = 550 Crore Loan Outstanding = 12 Crore Cash = 50 Crore Investments = 0 Uploaded with Looks like...
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    Is Greece Going To Default?

    What do you Say? Spain and Italy next?
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    RBI Policy Tomorrow- Rate Change Poll

    RBI Policy Tomorrow- Rate Change Poll What is your guess?:heeeelllllooooo:
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    Apollo Hospitals

    What are thoughts on this company, as it is planning to expand with a investment of 1000 crores? 300 financed from debentures and 300 from floating more shares, which means rights issue is on cards and dilution and fall in price of script. Rest 400 will be sourced from internal accruals which...
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    E-Investing Sentiment Indicator

    The traffic on E-investing is 20 posts yesterday, which is a topping sign. I remember seeing at the most 3 posts a day when we are near bottom or top!
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    Shanthi Gears

    What are your views on this company? CMP= 46/- The owner gifted 1000 shares to each employee at 46. They have 120 crore land bank in Coimbatore. They have finished consolidation of their plants to just 2 from 6 and planning to sell the rest of plants to fund the capex. The company is...
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    Gold Data Request

    I have data for Gold in USD from 2000 to 2010 and I update it manually. I also have MCX data from 2003. To analyze long term trend I need more data. I request Alchemist or any other board member to please send me data for gold from 1900 or any date to 2000? I will thanks from core of my...
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    USD- INR Data Required

    I have data of 1 year, I need history for USD-INR. Can somebody send me data?
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    Hockey World Cup?

    Who will win Hockey World-Cup? Cannot post 12 options. Canada South Africa