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    Question about Reserves/Retained Earnings

    First of all, is there any difference between Reserves & Retained Earnings? While making the balance sheet how would you calculate the increase in reserves? What other stuff is involved here other than Net Profit after Tax less dividend?
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    Shriram Transport Finance Fixed Deposits

    How safe are Shriram Transport FDs? I have one of 50,000 Rs which is maturing in a couple of years. Should I redeem it after paying penalty or does it look safe? Any idea about their Solvency, Liquidity, Asset Liability mismatch etc?
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    is there any common platform for mutual funds especially for Direct plans? - MF Utility - has all AMCs. The platform is created by the AMCs.
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    Transferring Stock Between NSDL Demat Accounts

    I have 2 trading accounts - ICICIDirect & Kotak Securities. ICICI has a 0.5% brokerage & Kotak has 0.26%. Both have their own linked NSDL Demat Acct. So I was thinking of moving stock from my ICICI NSDL Demat Acct to Kotak NSDL demat Acct, that will save me some money on brokerage while...
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    78 Year Old Widow with around 70-80 lakhs

    One more question about the same person. Last year, when her husband what alive, both of them put together had an income of about 6-7 lakhs per year (interest income, pension, etc). Both of them never filed tax returns since they retired which was 15-20 years ago. They just filled up Form 15...
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    78 Year Old Widow with around 70-80 lakhs

    Any opinion on PNB Housing Finance Fixed Deposit & LIC Housing Finance's Sanchay Public Deposit Schemes? Can these be considered safe?
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    How Necessary is a Will?

    What happens if a person with movable property does not leave a will, but the legal heir is a nominee in the immovable property? What is cost of probate for immovable property?
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    How Necessary is a Will?

    Let's say a person has nominees or joint holders in everything? Is a will still necessary? I mean - let's say a nominee has been set in the house with the housing society. What happens when the person dies without a will - what is the the process then for taking ownership of flat? Likewise for...
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    RHFL - Reliance Home Finance Bonds

    I am not sure why RHFL's bonds are trading at such a big discount. It's an Anil Ambani Company, no? That's probably why.
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    78 Year Old Widow with around 70-80 lakhs

    What about Corporate Deposits like Bajaj Finance, Mahindra Finance, HDFC Finance etc - how safe are they?
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    78 Year Old Widow with around 70-80 lakhs

    What's the best way to distribute the money? Safety & reducing/avoiding taxation is paramount.
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    What Happened to this Site - Some Time Back?

    Thank you. That's what I was looking for.
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    What Happened to this Site - Some Time Back?

    Usercp page showed all threads in which I have participated which have a new comment since the last time I visited the usercp page. That doesn't seem to be here.
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    What Happened to this Site - Some Time Back?

    Is there a User CP page available on xenforo? For the older e-invesing site, this was my user-cp -
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    Converting Old Physical Shares

    Thanks a load! Will the process of demating this be any different from demating say Vinyoflex - I mean, will the name change cause any issues? How did you figure this out? 5) Arun Processors was delisted in 2002. I am not sure if it is doing any business now. What to do about delisted or...
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    Converting Old Physical Shares

    1) Vinyoflex Limited 2) Seax Leather Exports Limited 3) Sunrise Oleochemicals 4) Shiva Egg Products Limited 5) Arun Processors 6) Asian Vegpro Industries Ltd 7) Shree Pomani Metals & Alloys Limited 8) Optel Telecommunications 9) Pretto Leather Industries Limited 10) Vardhaman Wires &...
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    PSU Buybacks - What is Happening?

    Why can't the govt just sell their shares in the open market instead of going this route?
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    PSU Buybacks - What is Happening? I understand why private companies buyback stock. If a company doesn't have anything to spend money on, it's better to buy back stock & retire it - so...
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    Converting Old Physical Shares

    I also thought this was true. One of the shares was for IDBI and I called the company's investor relations today & told them the folio number & they said it was dematted in 2010. And he does have it in his demat account - because of the certificates, I thought that may be these are others which...
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    Dewan Housing Finance Corporation- NCD Issue - August 2016

    Me & you have argued this before (really long back) in the context of the American Bailout :-) Only way someone learns a lesson is he pays for his mistakes. In the absence of that, there will be no learning. Only learning which will happen is that PSUs like LIC & SBI exist for the main...