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    Gruh Finance - Bonus Declared

    Hahaha..... Gruh finance declared 1 for 1 bonus issue After implementing LTCG of 10%, and saying people are making money easily without any effort .:hmpf: FROM MARKET I am not touching any stock purely on the basis of bonus issue to save tax. My trading activity more than halved in this...
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    PPF Tax Liability

    I opened PPF account, in the middle of the month. I think I will not get any interest on my hard earned money because of not opening before 5th of this month. so there is no taxable income for me from this ;).
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    Indian FD Returns

    Hello all. Are Fixed deposits now offering negative returns to the fixed deposit holders ?:slug: Assuming inflation + 30% tax bracket with the 6% interest rate banks offer?:damnmate: Maybe we need to give money to banks to deposit our money in future:vroam: if the interest rates fall at this...
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    The Big DAY to Remember

    25 - OCT -2017 Today PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK UP Almost 50% in a single day. I think a feat never happened in Indian market history. i was planning to buy 1000 shares at the opening for intraday, but after seeing a gap-up of 15% and no time to watch closely I decided to stay away. One more...
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    Shares in Multiple Accounts - Tax Treatment?

    Small doubt, if I buy the same scrip from two brokers and using 2 trading accounts [consider first bought in A a/c and then in B a/c] If I sell shares from B a/c first which shares I have to consider to calculate the net profit or loss? thanks ramK
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    Stock Tips?

    article in moneycontrol No more stock tips on social media? Twitterati hits back at Sebi - :mad::mad:
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    Who Will Pay The Price for Online Frauds?

    Article in moneycontrol Online frauds: Who will pay the price -- banks or you? -
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    Sleepwell mattresses IPO next [around 500 crores] !!!!? :tongue: :date: :goodnight: :sleep:.
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    BTST Query

    Hello sachin, which shares go out first ? BTST or stock already in my account. Can any one give me a quick reply?
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    US Fed Action

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    Doubt on Bonus Issue

    Adminjee , doubt on bonus issue. Can I sell original bought quantity and book short term capital loss for this FY 2014-2015 and sell remain shares [bonus SHARES] in next FY [2015-16], probably in April 2015 and pay STCG on bonus shares in next FY? or IS IT MANDATORY TO HOLD THE BONUS SHARES...
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    QIP - Questions

    QIP issue dilutes the equity and resulting a lower EPS in future? Is QIP is Good or BAD for current investors who bought after doing a rough work on future EPS estimate and bought depending on that number? Thanks.
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    SEBI's New Research Analysts Regulations

    I heard about SEBI restriction on stock recommendation in public forums. Is this kind of sharing technical analysis and individual portfolio threads also comes under this:questionmark:.
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    Delivery Trading and Mandatory Audit

    Because of all my trading activity :pcguru: my total sales and total buy value is about to reach one crore mark, only resulted in paying big brokerage amount and charges :bawling: Do I need to have my books audited [no futures or currency segment or IPO or MF's] I only take delivery and then...
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    STCG Calculation

    Dear Sachin , can you please explain how to calculate STCG on shares with example thanks.
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    Disclosing shares purchased in IT-return

    Alchemist, i read that if someone purchases shares worth more than one lakh rupees of a particular scrip in a FY , he needs to disclose that in returns filling. Is this means if some one purchases a particular scrip with 50,000 rs. three times and exits three times during the same FY , will he...
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    Technocraft Industries

    Technocraft Industries [India] CMP 112 Mcap 352 crores. Book value 158 H1EPS 18.4 Positive Rupee weakness as this company is export oriented. Investments and cash aprox. at 110 crores. Promoter holding 75 percent DER at 0.24;1 Divisions are Drum closures,Tubes,Farm...
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    Understanding Tactics of A Company

    Today I was searching for a company to buy next week and came across a company [ttk prestige] by looking at the charts I decided to buy this on chart basis. Then I went to explore the recent updates in this counter. and I came to know that this company is planning to spent 300 crores in 3 years...
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    Bharat Ratna

    Bharat Ratna is the most prestigious award given by Indian Government If a player to be awarded with this my first choice is Shri Dhyan Chand, who won three gold medals at the Olympics for country.
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    Aadhaar Link to LPG Subsidy - LPG Dealers

    If a LPG dealer don't agree to give subsidy LPG cylinder or at market rate by not generating the bill because of aadhaar not submitted to them what a common man CAN do :mad: Related links ------------ The Supreme Court has ruled that Aadhaar could not be made mandatory for people Aadhaar...