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    Need Help with Short Delivery in Intraday

    Hi Alchemist & others, I need some help from traders here. I shorted 4 shares of BPCL at 657 today and bought 2 shares of Axis Bank at 1340 for intraday. But I could not square off these positions due to my browser problem. What is the best strategy to follow considering that there will be...
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    Trendlines in Bar Chart/Line Chart

    Hi, When we draw trendlines for any chart, should we consider the lows of the day or the closing price as the joining points? Because there is a difference in the angle of the support & resistance line when we consider bar charts & line charts (which is made of closing prices). Thanks.
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    DLF, HDIL or Unitech?

    Alchemist, Which real estate stock among DLF,HDIL and Unitech (or any other fundamentally good co.) would you prefer on a fundamental basis and is better to buy with a long term perspective considering growth & valuations? Assuming real estate stocks correct quite a bit from these...
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    Queries on India Infoline

    Hi All, I have a few questions on India infoline. 1. Is the email id provided by India infoline not valid? RM told me that this email address can't be used and all contract notes will be sent to personal email address. 2. Is it possible to sell the shares in ATST(or BTST) similar to...
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    Broker with No Minimum Brokerage

    Alchemist, I am looking for a brokerage service with online trading platform and low account opening charges.( Preferably no annual charges :) like your broker Indiabulls.) Brokerage rates must be around 0.3-0.4% for delivery and 0.03% - 0.04 % for intraday. I don't trade huge volumes.(Max...
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    Delivery Volumes Data?

    Does any one know how to find out the no. of shares of a company that are bought for delivery? The volume of shares traded (volume stats in NSE, BSE, rediff etc) includes the buying & selling of shares that are squared off during the day..right. Thanks Ragav
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    Stop-Loss for Sensex Stocks?

    Can anyone tell me what should be the % stop loss should be maintained for Sensex stocks? ( since one has to keep losses small...:)) Thanks Ragav
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    Charts having Volume and Price data?

    I want to know where I can find the bar charts to observe the movement in price and volume of a share. I heard that technical analysis involves mainly studying price and volume. From where do traders get the charts and other information? Thanks Ragav
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    Market Closing Time?

    I heard from a broker that the stock exchange opens at 9.55 am and closes at 3.30 pm. But the date time for the last trade for any stock (Ex.ICICI) is around 4 pm when I checked it in Reliance money trading site and in Does BSE & NSE have different closing times? Thanks Ragav
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    How Short Covering Increases Stock Price?

    Hi All, I have a question about short covering in Futures. I heard that just before expiry, people who shorted early in the month will buy to square their positions. But how does this increase stock prices in the cash market as the futures are settled in cash not delivery?