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    Financial terms in economy - questions

    I am reading and try to understand (almost everything) about this
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    What Happened to this Site - Some Time Back?

    Alchemist - technically wanted to know what was issue and how you solved it and why such an issue occurred? Why I am asking - to satisfy my curiosity (technically what you did ).
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    Ruling of Modi Government

    Ruling of Modi Government From my real life experience, + what I hear from people around + what I see in day to day life + current politics, decision (good & bad – as per me). Have been visiting MH, KA, AP, GJ, UP, MP, RJ. Churning within myself about the people thinking toward current...
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    TV Anchor Moving from One Channel to Another

    This is the specific case, in which prominent TV Anchor from CNBC Awaaz left and join another business channel. - what I read from internet I read his salary is 42 LPA. People here must have good sense in financial world. Is this salary number suggesting correct data?
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    Changes in Economy

    Curious since many years. Let me ask today in this forum. Politics changes economy or Economy changes politics? Please share your insights + I am sure many real time experience you will have to share.. requesting you to share. Thank you.
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    India Economy - House Booking - Money Flow

    This question is related to Mumbai real estate - within and around. And I think this question is applicable to all other cities which has seen OR seeing boom in real estate. In Mumbai, I see apartment costing nearly (more or less) 1+ Crore. These are getting booked, my question is from where...
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    Buying/Extending Current Mutual Fund via Online Mode

    My Situation I bought 2 mutual funds (Birla & Kotak) via same broker. Now I would like to add more money (SIP) in same mutual fund. So what is right/good mode to do SIP? 1. I can go online to Birla & Kotak mutual fund, login and then increase the SIP amount? 2. Or I tell to my broker that I...
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    Will Gujarat Election Result Affect Market?

    This time overall feeling comes out to be weird for upcoming Gujarat elections.. Will it affect market for short/longer term? May be people who knows or around over there can share..
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    Demonetization has Failed?

    I saw Forbes article which says demonetization has failed. Forbes Welcome Somehow I don't agree to that. But when I see overall money which RBI had expected and what they received now has huge difference. I mean they expected few lakh crore will not come (because it is black), but seems RBI...
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    Impact on Real Estate Prices - 500/1000 Notes Ban

    I have been reading several news which says real estate will be down by nearly 30% in next 6 months. But in reality will price come down in near future? I think big cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi etc already people are buying with loans, then where is question of black money? Can you...
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    Alstom India

    Hello Friends - For 3 - 4 months from now, How is ALSTOM is looking? I am planning to buy it, Can you share insights? At present this stock is in sell mode. price is corrected much. (even though GE & ALSTOM got big orders - don't know why??)
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    Leaving a Company - Question

    I see very different situation with one of person I know very well. He is working in MNC - (infact he was.) After he left the company within 8 days news came that the company (which he left) was acquired by another company. Now when someone acquires the company - the All RSU which gets...
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    Damaged PAN Card

    Hello My PAN card is totally damaged - even tough to readout my name on it. Have searched on internet for getting it re-newed it/getting it new.. But if you people are aware of it, can you let me know how do I get it new PAN card (keeping all details intact as in my current PAN card) I see...
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    Slowdown / Recession in India?

    On first look my question seem to be in general, and anyone can list out many points, still I think I have not received/able to co-relate the answer of question since 2008 – Is there is slowdown/recession in India? I am observing since 2008, though few Scandinavian/US companies has shut...