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  1. rookie_gau

    NRI Relocating to India

    Hi, I relocated to India this month. I was an NRI since 2009. Now the thing is, I was out of India for 265 days this year. I am being told I would be taxed in India. Could someone throw some light on this? Also, would the Double Taxation Treaty between India and US help me in this case?
  2. rookie_gau

    Difference Between Current Account And Savings Account

    Hi Guys, I have always wanted to know the difference between Current account and Savings Account. Is it true that in Savings account, we can do only limited number of transactions per day? I have seen that the charges for current account services are very high compared to Savings account...
  3. rookie_gau

    Titagarh Wagons IPO

    Titagarh Wagons IPO opens from March 24 to 27, 2008 It is offering 4,063,158 shares priced at Rs 540 to 610 Kotak Mahindra Capital Is the Leading BRLM with Karvy as its registrar Using the proceeds, the company plans to Set up an EMU manufacturing facility at Uttarpara unit; Modernise...
  4. rookie_gau

    Mundra Port and SEZ (MPSEZ)

    Alchemist, this stock has been moving downwards day by day. Is it worth holding on to this stock any more? What if the price goes below 440?
  5. rookie_gau

    Today's Market

    March 3, 2008, Monday Well, last week's budget made us slip some ground. But looks like some breakout is about to happen, As Alchemist has pointed out in another post. DOw jones closed 2.51% in Red, followed by Nasdaq and S&P losing 2.58 and 2.71%. Today Asian markets are down on that cue...
  6. rookie_gau

    Gammon Infrastructure Projects IPO

    Gammon Infrastructure Projects IPO is hitting the markets on 10th March. The Issue price band is fixed as 167-200 Rs.
  7. rookie_gau

    Resource Sharing??

    Hi everyone! I have got a brain-wave. There must be 20-30 active members on this forum. Most of them have enlisted into Brokerage services, some even into paid subscriptions. Wouldn't It be helpful for everyone to pool together and share resources like reports, studies etc?? If we post...
  8. rookie_gau

    What do the different types of settlement mean?

    We all have filled delivery slips at some point of time. What do different types of markets like Rolling, Normal etc??
  9. rookie_gau

    Terrorists controlling BSE?

    Just read this bit of news from about terrorists setting up fictitious companies to control BSE. The Article
  10. rookie_gau

    A fine example to set!!

    What is the world coming to?? Norm flouting and unfair practices have become glamorous these days. In the film "Guru", Gurubhai resorts to malpractice and when defiantly standing up to his charges, gets applause from junta. Just read this news on CNN. Even the world's largest chip maker does...
  11. rookie_gau


    Hey Alchemist, I have heard a lot about FCCBs (Foreign Currency Convertible bonds) They give the option to investors to convert them into shares don't they? How do we read the signs when some Company issues FCCBs? What is their significance? What do conversion of FCCB into shares imply...
  12. rookie_gau

    How to short sell intraday?

    I want to try my hand at short selling on Monday. As per my knowledge, When we short an equity, we sell it, say, in the morning @ a higher price and if later during the day, the price goes down, we square off and pocket the pocket the profit. Is my concept correct?? Alchemist, what do...
  13. rookie_gau

    Warren Buffet Method to Find a stock.

    Hey Alchemist, it is true that members are more interested in IPOs right now, but I would like it if you lend A bit of your valuable time to FA and TA too.:D (A wish, nothing more:)) Well, I searched across for more on Warren Buffet, and came across this Excel sheet created to calculate...
  14. rookie_gau

    GSS America Infotech IPO

    GSS America Infotech Ltd IPO is open through Feb 11 to 15, 2008 Issue size is around 150 crores. It is offering 34,97,495 Shares with 1,169,000 shares for Retail category. Priceband is Rs 400 to 440. Lead Manager Religare Securities Ltd Registrar: Bigshare Services Pvt Ltd
  15. rookie_gau

    ACME Tele Power IPO

    Hey Guys, this is a Telecom company to Hit the Markets (When they settle down). Not open yet, and no date declared too. But it may be the First IPO to have Crisil rating 5/5. CRISIL assigns highest IPO grade to Acme Tele Power This company provides technology solutions to wireless...
  16. rookie_gau

    Reading CandleStick Charts

    Hi Alchemist! I have just started learning Technical Analysis. For a beginner, all these terms- DMAs, MAs... are very difficult to understand. But My question is not about them(You have wonderfully explained them elsewhere!:):)) Here is a chart that I am studying for a start- Power...
  17. rookie_gau

    Tulsi Extrusions Limited

    Issue Opens Feb 01 to Feb 05 Public Issue Size: 57,00,000 Equity Shares of Rs. 10/- Price: Rs. 80 to Rs. 85 Lead Manager:Almondz Global Securities Limited Presence (Market distribution) Source- Company website.
  18. rookie_gau

    KNR Constructions Limited

    Issue Opens Jan 24 to Jan 29. Public Issue Size: 7,874,570 Shares. Price: Rs. 170/- to Rs. 180/- Per Equity Share Lead Manager: Axis Bank Limited Total Size 142 Crores Retail 2,707,105 shares Share lot size 35
  19. rookie_gau

    IRB Infrastructure Developers IPO

    Hey guys, here is a decent sized IPO to hit the markets. Issue Opens Jan 31 to Feb 05, 2008 Issue Size: 51,057,666 Equity Shares of Rs. 10/- (1,123 Crores) Price: Rs. 185/- to 220/- Listing : BSE, NSE Lead Manager: Deutsche Equities India Private Ltd and Kotak Mahindra Capital...
  20. rookie_gau

    Offline IPO Application for Online Account?

    Hey Alchemist, I have one demat in Sharekhan. Is it compulsory that I apply online? Can I apply offline??