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    IRCTC IPO Opened today: 30th September 2019 Closes: 3rd October 2019 There is significant premium for this IPO in the grey market.
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    Now Borrow With Government Guarantee

    Now the Indian government wants to guarantee housing loans taken by sub-prime and other borrowers, who have no or poor credit history. Part of proposed housing sector package: Fund on cards to offer guarantee for home loans. The very first question that comes to my mind is what will the...
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    Beware of Corporate Debt Risks

    The recent defaults by corporates like IL&FS, DHFL, RHFL etc have shocked the Indian debt market. Low interest rates in the west have created a gigantic bubble in the debt markets - not just in India but everywhere around the world. Poor quality companies and companies with questionable...
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    RHFL - Reliance Home Finance Bonds

    I am not sure why RHFL's bonds are trading at such a big discount. I have taken a risk and purchased 100 N4 series bonds at Rs 790 - 21% discount to the face value. The bonds mature in...
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    Dewan Housing Finance Corporation - DHFL

    DHFL is again down 15% today. Many of its bonds are trading at 25% discount on NSE. I am not sure about the situation in the main debt market, but it seems the market sees some truth in Cobrapost's allegations. If DHFL is to collapse, the collateral damage will be widespread. As of now, the...
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    Dinesh Engineers IPO

    Dinesh Engineers IPO There is no grey market premium for this IPO and it has been just subscribed 0.09 times till 11 AM. I have still not written it off and will re-check at around 1:30 PM and see if the demand has picked up. I am still reading the RHP and I think it's a decent company and...
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    Aavas Financiers IPO

    Aavas Financiers IPO Currently housing finance companies are out of favor and considering the high IPO valuations, I am skipping this one too. There is a minor premium in the grey market, but I am not sure if that will hold till listing.
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    Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers IPO

    Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers IPO The IPO closes today - 26th September 2018. There is no interest for this one in the grey market. There are no visible growth triggers for this company and considering that, the valuations look stretched. Only retail investors have applied in the...
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    CreditAccess Grameen IPO

    CreditAccess Grameen IPO Opens: 8th August 2018. Closes: 10th August 2018.
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    HDFC Asset Management Company IPO

    HDFC Asset Management Company IPO The IPO opens tomorrow (25th July) and closes on 27th July 2018. I haven't looked at the RHP but there is 30%-40% premium in the grey market. From what I have read about it, it seems the IPO has been priced very attractively. Most probably I will be...
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    TCNS Clothing Company IPO

    TCNS Clothing Company IPO The IPO closes tomorrow - 20th July 2018. On first look, I felt the IPO was fully valued and was thinking of skipping it. Now that the issue has already been subscribed 2 times, I think I should relook at the RHP. I will update the thread tonight.
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    Zomato's Generous 50% Discount

    Zomato is offering 50% discount on first 3/5 orders in July (depends on location). They had similar discount offer in earlier months too. Moreover, many restaurants are offering discount on their own too. Some are offering discount as high as 50% (varies with location). Do check it out. :cool:.
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    Dow Jones Industrial Average on Verge of Breaking Down

    Dow Jones Industrial Average is on verge of breaking down. The index is oversold on daily charts right now and may try to stabilize in next few days, but the overall structure is very fragile. In my opinion, a break below 23950 will have bearish implications in all time frames - short term...
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    Nifty PE at 27 Again

    Nifty's valuation is at historic highs. Charts: The Nifty P/E Crosses 27 Again, But…. but earnings have missed estimates, as usual... D-Street got earnings estimate wrong for 7th year; what does it mean for Nifty?
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    Scary Power Sector Report

    Abandoned Power Plant a $38 Billion Warning Sign for India Banks The report was first published in April 2018. Banks stare at $38 bn new dud loans from power sector: Report No wonder REC is trading at PE of 4.6 and dividend yield of 8.9%. The market knows what is coming. If the report is...
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    RITES Limited IPO

    RITES Limited The IPO closes tomorrow (22nd June 2018). I will add more later today.
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    Fine Organic Industries IPO

    Fine Organic Industries IPO The IPO closes tomorrow (22nd June 2018). I will add more later today.
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    Indostar Capital Finance IPO

    Indostar Capital Finance IPO One more NBFC - nothing extraordinary about it. IPO seems fully priced. I will apply for listing gains if there is enough demand (at least 4-5 times). There is 4% premium in the grey market.
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    Lemon Tree Hotels IPO

    Lemon Tree Hotels IPO Opens: 26-Mar-2018 Closes: 28-Mar-2018 Nonsense valuations.
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    ICICI Securities IPO

    ICICI Securities IPO The IPO closes on Monday. The IPO seems fully priced - just like most of the recent IPOs. There is negligible grey market premium. I won't apply unless I see at least 3-4 times subscription figure, which seems unlikely at the moment.