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    Coal India IPO

    Alchemist from where can we get that data ?
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    Coal India IPO

    1 hour into trading and it's approaching 345 now. Seems like it's going to make the century: 100 rupees above 245 Well, considering discount for retailers, it already did! :adore:.
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    Coal India IPO

    Sold 150 @ 323.50. Now its above 325. Looks like me guess of 282 as closing price may be under threat .:bebored:.
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    Suzlon Energy

    Today at 57.55. Been dealing in this stock for past two years. Just when I started dealing in the market. Have posted sizable loss in this. But still I believe that the company is in renewable energy sector and has good potential. All that it needs is one chance :egg: I am still holding on...
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    Coal India - Listing Day Contest

    My guess is get 282 as closing price.
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    HDIL (Housing Development and Infrastructure Limited)

    Hi Alchemist Today it is @ 306... n I am looking to get into this stock for 6-12 months... what's your call on this?
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    J P Associates (Jaiprakash Associates)

    Hi Alchemist Could you please update the outlook on JP associates ? The stock is seeing some upside recently....
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    Power Grid Corporation of India

    entry for 6 months Alchemist .... could you plz update this thread.. Its rising for last 4-5 months @ 10% or so... Is it ok to enter this scrip for 6 months period ?
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    Kanani Industries

    Kanani Industries Ltd. Group (B) Mkt Cap (Rs Cr) 319.95 The growth has been literally exponential in last one year. 402.45 to 1,067.20 in last one month. Can somebody throw some light on this..
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    Bharti Airtel

    good for investment ? Bharti is trading in 750-780 range which is its support level. Will it bounce back in short term ?
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    Financial Technologies

    Hi Alchemist Can you plz. throw more light on this. I am still waiting to buy this one ;)
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    Financial Technologies

    Hi Alchemist Can you plz. tell whats your take on Financial Technologies (India) Ltd. at current level of 1673. EPS has been rising last 4 years and cash flow also looks ok ? However, here has been a negative news about mangement recently. Do you see an upside in short term say 3...
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    IFCI - Industrial Finance Corporation of India

    Should I book profit now @ 63 levels or is there a upside in 6 months ?
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    Suzlon Stock Split - Buy Now or After?

    I hold suzlon @ 297. Should I exit or average out ? Also should i average now @ 257 levels or wait for 240 levels ? plz. reply soon...
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    Axis Bank

    Is it a good buy at current levels of 965 for 3-6 months ? EPS has been steadily increasing for last 3 years but PE ratio is 42.9. EPS'07 - 23 '06 - 17 '05 - 12
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    Suzlon Energy

    Hi Alchemist, Can you please comment on future of Suzlon? What's your call on current levels of around 300? What percentage of portfolio should be spent, if at all on this stock?
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    Best Trading Account

    Plz. update this comparison table: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Broker---- Demat account--brokerage (day/delivery)---Advantage/downside Indiabulls------ (900)------0.10 & 0.50------- No annual charge for "power Indiabulls"...
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    Best Broker for Applying IPO ONLINE

    Plz. update this comparison table: Plz. update this comparison table: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Broker---- Demat account--brokerage (day/delivery)---Advantage/downside Indiabulls------ (900)------0.10 & 0.50------- No...
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    Stock Recommendations

    Is it good time to invest ? Hi Mr. Alchemist I want to enter share market. Is this a good time for that, since theres a correction of 700 points. Or should I wait till 12 Dec. Also what scrips to consider, for short term and long term. TIA
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    Best Trading Account

    Comparison table: Can anyone plz. update ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Broker----- Demat account----brokerage (day/ delivery)------Advantage/downside Indiabulls----- (900)----------- 0.10 & 0.50--------No annual...