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    Dow Jones Industrial Average Fell Almost 1000 Points

    U.S. stocks tumbled the most in a year on concern Europe’s debt crisis will halt the global recovery. The sell-off briefly erased more than $1 trillion in market value as the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell almost 1000 points, a 9.2 percent plunge that was its biggest intraday percentage loss...
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    Veritas India

    Veritas India has given 4809.79% in 1 year. EPS at R.S. 2.25 and stock at 5842.65 what is happening? SEBI sleeping?
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    SEBI Bars 14 Insurance Firms from Issuing ULIPs

    Are ULIPs safe??? To my knowledge it will take at least 2 to 3 years to get the amount what we invested (without returns) on ULIPs. For example: If we invest some plan in ULIPs..say 10000 in first year..Advisors take commissions from these 10000 20 to 30% ie Rs. 2000 to 3000. Then processing...
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    Reliance Bank?

    In today's budget FM have said that RBI is looking for giving more license for Private banks..With that news there is a buzz in the stock Reliance Capital it RUN BY R.S 100 from 727.70 to 825.80. Already there is a news that Anil Ambani have interested in taking over The Dhanalakshmi Bank...
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    Budget 2010 - Your Assessment?

    How do you feel with budget?? I am not surprised with today's budget.. FM keeps MUM with stimulus package.He just says we have review.....10% tax for income between Rs 1.6-5 lakh also no big use for Indians... Surcharge for companies reduced to 7.5% from 10% and excise duty hike inline...
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    AML Steel Limited

    Why there is a strong demand for AML Steel Limited????Any news???
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    My Post Removed ?

    I have posted a thread with regards to low volume stock market rally/real estate bubble and now it got removed...why such a communist things happening??? Very bad... :thumpdown:
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    Indiabulls Power

    On , Nov 06, 2009 They have bought 21.12 lakh IPL shares for Rs 7.2 crore at an average price of Rs 34.10 a share. This constitutes 4.15% of the greenshoe option of the IPO. And again 10,11 and yesterday(12/11/2009) Morgan Stanley keeps on buying Indiabulls Power .They had bought 400000...
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    Full Time Traders?

    How many of them full time trader over here???Or Dose trading only and not working any were and how old are you and what's you future plan???
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    Windows 7 & ODIN Problem

    Windows 7 & ODin problem. I am getting these error when i try to run ODIN on windows 7 ultimate.Does anyone have same problem???How to fix these issue???
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    Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is these website owned by Rakesh Jhunjhunwala???If not why cannot he force to shutdown the website for displaying his photo and giving some unwanted message related with him...:hmmmm2:
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    Oracle Financial Services Software

    May i know when does these company (Oracle Financial Services Software) come out with it's quarterly result???(Date).:2in1:
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    Tata Communications

    What's happening in Tata Communications Limited 5 days before 590 and now 467...:p Falling in rising market... Any comments on it????:rolleyes:: 5 black a row... Simple Moving Averages Days BSE NSE 30 559.03 50 536.98 150 480.30 200 469.96 200 DMA also got...
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    Bonus Shares - Doubt

    How did Reliance Power give bonus shares in 2008?? Only after year's time pass a company can give bonus shares says Companies Act?? If so how reliance power gave bonus shares?? :confused::D.
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    NSE Nifty Graph?

    Alchemist can you post nifty trading graph daily with the days like 20 DMA 200 DMA, EMA, MACD and that many can benefit....:D.
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    Time to Revise the Circuit Limit ?

    Is these right time to revise the circuit lock??? Because nifty up by 20% Monday may18 2009 and resulting in market close. At closure today (with just 45 seconds of total trade); SENSEX at 2100 (17.25% up) gain and NIFTY at 636 (14.75% up) gain for the day. In these 45 seconds around 3000...
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    Will History Repeat Itself?

    Will History turnaround again??? when NDA lost the election in 2004. Markets were Circuit lock for the full day17-05-2004.On the very next day 18-05-2004 markets up by 8 to 9%....So these time UPA won the election and markets up by 20% in 18-05-2009, so if history repeats tomorrow markets down...
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    CFA & Technical Analysis

    CFA course is useful to technical analysis ??? Else text-books that available in general store are enough ??? :-).
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    Data Discrepancy - Opening Price vs Charts

    Sometimes a stock opens HIGH or LOW and such a low or high price movement cannot be traced in the graph. So does the transaction takes place at that price?? If so why it's not appearing in the graph??? Hope you understand my question. :).
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    Illiquid Stock Futures

    To my knowledge, I haven't seen for many days that even a single F&O contract has been traded in Asian Paints. Why does NSE keeps such scripts in f&o segment ??:D.