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  1. nchethan

    Shri Lakshmi Cotsyn

    Seniors, your views on this one. It has a very low P/B, P/E ratios. It has been almost stable with its price over the last few weeks though the indices were highly volatile. Your thoughts on this. I saw a report by CRISIL who have given a fair value to be around 150 almost double from the CMP.
  2. nchethan

    Will You Buy Any Defense PSU IPO/FPO?

    I read somewhere that the government might pursue IPO or FPO of the defense PSU to achieve their fiscal deficit target. If it happens then stocks of BEL, HAL etc will be on offer. Will you be buying them? Seniors any thoughts.
  3. nchethan

    Subex Limited

    It has fallen 8% today. Is it better to wait for another 4-5 % correction on the downside and then enter?
  4. nchethan

    Futures & Options

    Hey, Can anyone explain what do they mean by this F&O??? If there is a link in this forum can anyone reply with that link?
  5. nchethan

    Kolte-Patil Developers

    Hi, I went through a post about Book Value. I was just looking at the book value of Kolte Patil mentioned the link below. Here i see that the book value is higher than the CMP. Does it indicate that its a good buy at these levels as we rarely see stocks trading below the Book Value...
  6. nchethan

    eClerx Services

    Hi All, I'm holding the shares since IPO. Is it a good time to exit from this stock or hold on or accumulate more???
  7. nchethan

    IRB Infrastructure Developers

    I couldn't find a post on this particular stock. If it's already posted can someone please share the link? All senior members please post your thoughts on this stock. Got 30 shares in IPO @ 185. Missed when it went to all time low of 64. :( . I feel it's a good long term investment and can I...