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    Glodyne Technoserve

    Hi, This is perhaps my biggest mistake so far :(. I bought GLODYNE scrip 2 days ago when it was down in lower circuit (Yes that's the scrip which was banned in securities trading and 5% LC limit was imposed). From past 2 days I am trying to sell this but there are no buyers at all :( . I am...
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    S&P Revises India Economic Outlook to Negative

    More info : S&P revises India economic outlook to negative I feel this is very serious threat to Indian economy. If downgrade happens a major chunk of FII investments will go away perhaps. What's your thought on this ?
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    Balanced Well-Diversified MF Portfolio

    Hi :) I am planning to create my balanced well diversified mutual fund portfolio. After researching for some days, I found these funds for regular lump-sum investments : 1) For Large Cap => DSP BlackRock Top 100 Equity 2) Large And Mid => HDFC Top 200 3) Mid And Small => IDFC Premier...
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    Newbie in Futures

    Hi I have not traded futures before. All i know is its theory concept. I have an Geojit trading account. Many are talking about futures and how we can hedge them to minimize our loss but i am not able to understand many things : 1. How exactly one buys / sells futures? (Especially in Geojit...