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    Markets Humble Everyone, Whether You Agree or Not

    Agreed. But if traders want to stay in the same, they need to control their emotions too. that's of topmost priority.
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    78 Year Old Widow with around 70-80 lakhs

    HDFC would be good for you. I would suggest you to check out Senior citizens saving scheme (SCSS) too. That's a pretty safe option and you can also get tax benefits u/s 80c too.
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    Planning before entering The Stock Market?

    True. Planning will help you better reach your goals. It will guide your way throughout else you’ll be just wondering in the markets with no goal in mind. So plan wisely before you invest.
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    "Best Stocks"?

    SBI, Reliance and HDFC are some good stocks. I have been eyeing on them since a good time.
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    Greed vs Fear

    Yaa i agree. We must stay away from herd mentality and its better to stick to your decisions and not get affected by what other people say. We should use our own mind.
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    Markets Humble Everyone, Whether You Agree or Not

    Yaa patience is all trading requires along with some hard work and enthusiasm.
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    Novice to Professional

    That maybe because you trade more than you should (over trade). Try using a trading plan where you specify your entry and exit points. That will help you avoid some losses surely.
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    Getting Rid of Trading Addiction

    Well it's not about restricting your trading activity. It's just about knowing the right time to trade. The idea is to not miss out on opportunities. Whether you see 2 opportunities or 50 opportunities, restricting won’t help, trading would be better. Just know how much to trade.
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    Fear of Share Market

    I agree with you. Just because you underwent loss initially doesn’t mean you won’t make profits ever. You just have to practice to gain experience and avoid mistakes in future. Just don’t start with too much amount. Start with a very low amount and you can invest in some hybrid funds or invest...
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    Trading In Stock Market With Self-discipline

    I agree, discipline is one the most important traits required to be able to trade profitably. Lack of discipline will result in mistakes like premature evaluations relating to the trades, trading with emotions, over trading and even revenge trading. So trading without discipline will no way...
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    Books to Understand Balance Sheet, P & L and Cash Flow

    You can try “How to analyse financial statements” by Kakani Ramchandran. This book is pretty easy to understand and will help you a lot.
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    The Economic Times: 10 Golden Rules of Investing

    Know what you want to do and what you are doing Don’t risk all your capital at once. Invest only that much that you can afford to lose. Avoid herd mentality Don’t try to time the market Diversify your portfolio (don’t over diversify) Keep emotions at bay Keep the research part on always...
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    Is There a Need for a Money Advisor?

    It depends on how much knowledge and experience you have. There may be certain investments where do you not have adequate knowledge, hence taking the help of a money advisor is not bad at all in that case. However, if you are confident enough and are able to take good decisions then there is no...