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    Deccan Chronicle Holdings

    I am curious who owns the newspaper now? Since the fraud did they caught any of the culprits?
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    Mini Index Derivatives To Be Discontinued

    The Nifty Futures Lot size will be reduced to 25 from Oct 31. I guess we will get improved liquidity ahead!
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    man4urheart's Portfolio

    Latest Update. After burning fingers with Deccan Chronicle. August 2013 to Today, only traded NIFTY FUTURES. Return 30% this year.
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    New Bull Market?

    Trade both ways so doesn't matter.
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    Infosys Technologies

    Results are ahead this weekend on coming Friday and Infosys in tight range. What should be the strategy in options to play? 3000 Long Straddle ? 2700/3300 OR 2600/3400 Long Strangle ? 3000 Short Straddle? 2700/3300 OR 2600/3400 Short Strangle? Go Long on futures at 3000 and take a Put at 3000...
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    Vivek Patil's Technical Analysis Report?

    I agree with Arcus too, I have been going through his analysis since 2008, time to time. Why I go through it to check how good he is with his so called experience! I don't think he has a clue where market is headed. He writes in so complicated and neutral way it has been of no good use. In...
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    It can swing both ways, multiple counts exist. Don't have a target, flow with the flow!
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    MCX - Multi Commodity Exchange of India

    Completely dis agree with your buy call. Deccan Chronicle had some 2500 crores on its book and was a cash buy and we all know where is our cash cow headed right now? In the Pit for butchering! How can you be confident that the cash number or any other number is correctly reported on the books/...
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    Financial Technologies (India)

    Financial Tech shares cut losses by 55% on short covering - The most interesting thing would be now to find out what is in the NSEL Godowns! Maybe it is all paper inventory and middle men already sold the inventory separately. In Indian all kind of duping schemes are possible...
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    Financial Technologies (India)

    Didn't you caught the falling knife?:ridinghorse: I don't believe Deena comments. There is something else fishy! I remember last year when Deccan Chronicle was crashing none of those banks who got duped figured a thing out! Also Gitanjali circuit is still not opened!
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    ICICI Bank

    This question doesn't suits you? You are a chart guru. How come you are not checking your charts?
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    RSI for AmiBroker?

    Not sure about Chart nexus, but I am using AmiBroker for past 7 years! Value of AmiBroker is correct!
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    Gitanjali Gems

    It is the elliott wave C in progress, the devastation has target of 70 Rs in coming days! Enjoy the fun!
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    Vivek Patil's Technical Analysis Report?

    VP also gave target of 67 Rs aligned with my target. Interesting!
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    USD-INR Chart

    Ready to hit 67 RS in coming months in wave 3? Bear market begins for Nifty!
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    ITC Limited

    ITC stock has been darling of market and time is ripe for game to get over! One should watch out and should not get too excited! I think it is in last leg of action and trap is set! Do you see double top formation? We will talk about "pricing power" and all fundamental reasons when it is on...
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    Opto Circuits India

    I disagree! How can you even believe that the numbers put on report cards are correct? Remember Deccan Chronicle! I have been scanning companies with solid cash on report cards and as well as cash flows, doesn't matter, both Opto and Deccan had 100% marks on same front! Charts told the right...
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    Suggestions for New Blog?

    Let me put it this way, traders who cannot trade write blogs, books etc. I myself stopped blogging to focus on my trading! It is just a distraction!
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    Turnover Vs Volume?

    Does turnover also include FII Buying and Selling? I am still not very clear how turnover has more importance over volume? As you said: Turnover is value of all the shares in cash market. In that case value will increase with increase in Price of shares. It is more a function of price...
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    Turnover Vs Volume?

    Volume is clear. What signal turnover generates in trading? Basically volume is more important or turnover?