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    How/Where to Find EPS of Nifty and Sensex

    Please direct me to the place where I can find the TTM EPS of Sensex and Nifty. Thanks
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    VST Tillers & Tractors

    When I looked at the numbers alone, it's a promising one. It is listed only in BSE though. Assuming even a conservative 18% sales growth, it will have eps of 56-57. if the market re-rates this at 12 p/e, the stock price should reach 680+. Currently it is in the 445 range. It doesn't have much...
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    ICICIDirect Trading Accout - Converting from Resident to NRI Account

    I am in the process of converting my icici bank acct (resident) to an NRO account. This account is linked with my trading account in which I have shares and mutual fund holdings. icici customer support tells me that while they close the resident acct and open a new NRO acct, the trading...
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    Automated Trading Systems- Has Anyone Used These?

    I came across two 'automated trading systems' via google search. Both are built on top of AmiBroker and work for Nifty futures and positional trading Has anyone used any of these? :listen: The performance report suggests that even while making only about 30% success in calls, the profit...
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    ICSA India

    I had bought some of these at 169. it ran up nicely today. Alchemist, you had initially discovered this one in September. Did you get a chance to analyse it further pls? First qtr had 26% yoy and second qtr had 11% yoy sales growth. Assuming a 10% annual sales growth (conservatively) and...