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  1. balajis


    IPO mania has started. Any views on the MSTC IPO that is closing today?
  2. balajis

    Sun Pharma

    Sun Pharma is getting beaten down due to poor results. I have been holding this for more than three years and its come to near my buy price. Though I know the quality and fundamentals of Sun Pharma are good, I am not sure on the medium to long term prospects of it. Alchemist, any views on this...
  3. balajis

    TTK Prestige

    TTK Prestige stock has been a tremendous wealth creator. Its returns in last 5 years is more than 200% and returns in last 10 years has been 3500%. I know it's a solid company. If I have a long term view of say 5 years, is it still good buy at current levels? Appreciate the views from the...