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    Educomp Solutions

    Only now saw this - Educomp funding from banks under strain, says Espirito I did not understand the role of Edu Smart and the securitisation part- Alchemist, could you please explain? Also what will be the impact of FCCB maturity on the company? On the same topic, I watched the CEO response to...
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    Educomp Solutions

    Is Educomp Attractive now? Has it fallen enough to be attractive again or is it still a falling knife? I really like this sector. Not sure when to enter. Anybody knows the latest news about this company? What about waiting for a three week consecutive up move (on weekly charts) - last time...
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    Balmer Lawrie Investments

    What about Balmer Lawrie itself? I hold this currently. Is the holding company better? I do not know how to value holding companies.
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    NSE Nifty - Technical Analysis

    Tripple top? Looks like nifty has a triple top at 5160's.
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    Nifty Futures (NF) Intra-Day Trading Discussion

    Is anybody in this forum doing Futures trading full time? I mean as primary source of income? I would like to know if this worth considering as a full time occupation (Work from home) - Thanks.
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    Is It Time for Accumulating?

    Purely India centric (domestic consumption) companies with zero debt will be a good place to start I think.
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    Is It Time for Accumulating?

    I beg to differ. Nobody knew the depth of the problem during 2008 financial crisis. Everyone was scared as there was no clarity on the amount of toxic assets each financial institution held. The knock-on impact on other banks were very hard to predict. This led to drying up of liquidity across...
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    How/Where to Find EPS of Nifty and Sensex

    Please direct me to the place where I can find the TTM EPS of Sensex and Nifty. Thanks
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    HEG Limited

    I bought some today (50% of the amount I allocated for this.) Will average down if I could in the coming days. On a related note: how do you guys calculate the stop loss exit level for medium-long term (1-2 years) investment?
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    HEG Limited

    Assuming 8% yoy growth, I got a target price of 253. Sales turnover 1221.912 Net profit margin 11.00% Estimated netprofit 134.41 No of shares 4.25 crore. Earnings Per Share 31.63 Target High price 253.01 (at 8 p/e) = 28.43% upside potential Target Low price 189.76 (at...
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    VST Tillers & Tractors

    When I looked at the numbers alone, it's a promising one. It is listed only in BSE though. Assuming even a conservative 18% sales growth, it will have eps of 56-57. if the market re-rates this at 12 p/e, the stock price should reach 680+. Currently it is in the 445 range. It doesn't have much...
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    Koutons Retail India

    A reflection more on Karvy than on Koutons.. Please search for news on Koutons in moneycontrol and see the first two results. on 4th Karvy recommended a buy on Koutons. the very next day 5th, Karvy, India Info and ING vysya SOLD 11+lakhs shares of Karvy. :evil: :adore:
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    ICICIDirect Trading Accout - Converting from Resident to NRI Account

    Thank you for the detailed reply Prudent_Investor and San Yad. Much appreciated. :). I am going to give the application to convert my account to NRO.
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    ICICIDirect Trading Accout - Converting from Resident to NRI Account

    I am in the process of converting my icici bank acct (resident) to an NRO account. This account is linked with my trading account in which I have shares and mutual fund holdings. icici customer support tells me that while they close the resident acct and open a new NRO acct, the trading...
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    ICSA India

    Thanks a lot for the very clear explanation Alchemist! :adore: So I take it that the negative operating cash flow for ICSA needn't be a concern as such.
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    ICSA India

    The operating cash flow is negative over last three years. would this be why the market is not touching it? Alchemist could you please advise on how to read the cash flow page in moneycontrol? I am confused over the terminology here- the operating cash flow negative and yet the company...
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    Automated Trading Systems- Has Anyone Used These?

    I don't get tired of this, do I? I am reading a book "Beyond Technical Analysis: How to Develop and Implement a Winning Trading System by Tushar S. Chande, PhD" (John Wiley and sons) "The most important reason to use a trading system is to gain a "statistical edge." This often-used term...
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    Kohinoor Foods

    I had checked this sometime back when Satish Betadpur recommended it. I skipped this because i was not comfortable with the debt of the company. Debt:Equity of 4 and interest cover of just 1.1.
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    ICSA India

    Could you guys please check the ICSA fundamentals? I wonder if the market overreacted to its latest results. this stock constitutes a considerable chunk of my portfolio (bought at aver. cost 168). based on my calculations this has a target of 250+ my estimates : 2010 sales is 1242, net...
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    Ratnamani Metals And Tubes

    the results from Ratnamani are not supporting the target expectations in short term. jun 09 = 260 sep 09 = 179 dec 09 = 161 mar 10 = ??? (i guess between 160-170) in contrast, jun 08 = 250 sep 08 = 280 dec 08 = 254 mar 09 = 191 my best estimate for the 2010 sales is 750 crores approx if...