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  1. balajis


    IPO mania has started. Any views on the MSTC IPO that is closing today?
  2. balajis

    IRCON International IPO

    Looks like it will cross a subscription of over 10times. Based on that, applied one lot. Given the market conditions, it may be risky bet too. Let see how it goes, if at all I get a lot allocated.
  3. balajis

    CreditAccess Grameen IPO

    Thanks Alchemist for the update! No IPO demand either.
  4. balajis

    HDFC Asset Management Company IPO

    Was lucky to get an allotment this time. Planning to hold for long-term.
  5. balajis

    TCNS Clothing Company IPO

    I skipped this issue. Alchemist - did you apply? If you can throw your views on my previous comment, it may be useful to analyze future IPO subscriptions. Thanks!
  6. balajis

    TCNS Clothing Company IPO

    Strange issue. IPO Demand hasn't grown like we expected. When I look at the nseindia site for subscription details. It tells me that bids at cut-off price is like 10% (0.1 times) of the issue-size allocated for QIB. Total Issue Size 1,09,99,828 Total Bids Received 3,51,65,100...
  7. balajis

    RITES Limited IPO

    Thanks @Alchemist! I agree with you. PSU stories seem risky, plus current market may present opportunities in better quality stocks. I exited at 220.
  8. balajis

    RITES Limited IPO

    @Alchemist, I got one allotment. Considering its PSU, I am tempted to sell. What are your views on holding long? Thanks!
  9. balajis

    Bandhan Bank IPO

    Got alloted 2 out 2 and exited 75% of the holdings.
  10. balajis

    Hindustan Aeronautics IPO

    Too early to call out saying demand is low. Going by recent trend, demand picks up after 1pm.
  11. balajis

    Bandhan Bank IPO

    QIB & NII Demand seems to have picked. Subscription crossed 5 times. I got tempted and applied a lot :)
  12. balajis

    Newgen Software Technologies IPO

    Got 1 lot out of 3 applications and booked with 5% profit at 260.
  13. balajis

    Future Supply Chain Solutions IPO

    Since recently, the IPO application window hours on the last day is expanded until 7 pm to 8 pm. Accordingly, I guess we should switch analyzing the subscription numbers sometime around 5 pm as well (rather than just at 2 pm), if one has to play the game based on high subscription figures...
  14. balajis

    HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company IPO

    I skipped as well though I wanted to invest for long term. Once it lists, it's likely give an opportunity to enter closer to the IPO offer price.
  15. balajis

    Reliance Nippon Asset Management IPO

    Got one lot allotted after a long tenure in my IPO applications. Any ideas on what the grey market premium is?
  16. balajis

    Mahindra Logistics IPO

    Interest in IPO is picking up and it's nearly 3 times subscribed. I will wait for another hour to see if it crosses 5 times and may apply a lot.
  17. balajis

    Capacit'e Infraprojects IPO

    NII Subscription levels have gone too high now... around 57 times. Looks like everyone applies towards the end of closure.
  18. balajis

    Dixon Technologies (India) IPO

    No allotment out of 3 applications.
  19. balajis

    Security and Intelligence Services (India) IPO

    Do you see strength in the subscription? Are you applying Alchemist?
  20. balajis

    One Stock

    My recommendation - PIDILITE INDUSTRIES. Won't let you down on the longer run. Truly, its AD caption holds good for this stock investment too - "Yeh Fevicol ka mazboot jod hai… tootega nahi" Happy investing!