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    "Best Stocks"?

    Hi guys if someone wants to pick good stocks than can see fundamental of companies like jubilant foods, ttk prestige, godrej consumer products etc.
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    "Best Stocks"?

    Very good research sir, well said.
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    Quantum Gold

    I think ETF gives less returns than gold bonds. If someone wants to trade safe then can invest in gold bonds or gold spot.
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    Investing Outside India - Foreign Indices

    hiii vaduvur please tell me how can we trade international forex from India? as in India some forex pairs get legal but they don't trade 24 hrs and are customized also by authorities.
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    Novice to Professional

    i face problem in trading on expiry. please tell how to trade profitably on option expiry of any stock...
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    VPS For Trading?

    ok, I have already posted there, thanks bro.
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    VPS For Trading?

    vps Sir how can I connect my amibroker algo trading on VPS and how it will benefit my trading.......please share your valuable comments.
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    New Stock Screener -

    long term research Hello guys, can you please tell me which indicators to see for fundamentals research?
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    Trading Options Before Expiry

    hello guys, please suggest me trading style to trade any expiry of stocks ,index etc like which stocks to select , what info to see etc to trade any expiry profitably....
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    Recommended Books On Technical Analysis

    Yes these books are really good Pring, Magee Can someone please tell me book on psychology of trading?
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    Novice to Professional

    Hello guys I am starting this thread to post specific trading and knowledge issues across markets lets help each other to become a professional trader.