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    How to analyse a stock

    Guys, as far as I know there is no straight forward formula for anything. It depends on many factors which none can model especially the human sentiment part which is totally random ofcourse ruled by planets ;-) Just make sure copany is profitable and has good enough EPS. If the company is...
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    Short Delivery

    could you please elaborate more what short delivery means? How is it different from short selling?
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    Momentum Stocks

    rule of thumb is high volume stocks tend to be more volatile and the company recently in news also tend to fluctuate lot. Hope I am right ;)
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    Day Trading on HDFCSec?

    Hi could please explain "margin provided" in your reply with an example. what are these margins? How does it impact buying and selling - profits/loss
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    How to short sell intraday?

    Is there any difference between trader and investor or both mean the same. Clarify please.
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    wow!!! finally I got what I am looking for. I found a good teacher at last for rookies. Great going buddies. Keeping writing more and more. It will be nice to explain glossary with one example. an someone do that please. I also love to explain people-The way of improving.