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    Nifty Jan Expiry

    Yesterday was very volatile for Nifty and is critically poised at 5687. There were heavy shorts in derivatives around 1.30 and partial short covering was seen around 2.30. But again shorts started building up during the close. Where do you guys think Nifty would expire? Is there a chance of...
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    Jindal South West Holdings

    Hi All, I hold 20 shares of Jindal South West Holdings at 2100.. What do you guys think on the prospect of this company? Please do share your thoughts. I was of the assumption that holdings are better as they aren't fully valued and could perform well as valuations would be attractive...
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    LCC Infotech

    Hi Guys, All the fundamentals are in place for LCC Infotech?
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    TCI Finance

    Hi Guys, I came across some of the message boards where people rate TCI Finance very high and they keep saying its going to be a out-performer. What do you think of this stock. Is it worth investing?
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    Kinetic Motor

    As you know M&M have taken nearly 80% of Kinetic's share now. The current trading price is around 21 Rs. What do you think about the outlook of this stock..Is this a good bet... Any inputs will be appreciated.. Thanks!!
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    Gold BeES

    Hi, Just a query on GoldBees..When i searched for this name i got "Gold Benchmark Exchange Traded Scheme". Is this also an NSE Share in which we can trade like normal stocks?? Looks like it is somewhat like mutual fund? How to trade with these type of Schemes? Could be a very basic query but...
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    Punjab National Bank

    Hi Guys, PNB's result was excellent. Any idea why the stock went down today and didn't go up much yesterday also? Really worried that it isnt moving up even after the result. Has it reached the maximum point already at 751? Your insights would be of great help. Thanks!!
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    Tata Motors

    Hi All, I need some help on how Tata Motors might pan forward..I wanted to do an intra trade on this as the price was at 605 already nearly 5% down. I got 30 at this rate but it continued going downwards. I got another 30 shares at 591 and the avg rate was 598 for the 60 shares. I was just...