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    ADAG Stocks Hit 52 Week Lows

    Bought calls of RCOM, Rel Infra and Reliance Power. I think it would move up tomorrow as its a knee jerk reaction and rumours were floating around that Anil Ambani might get arrested. I know i am taking a risk but lets see. I expect a bounce back of at least 10%.
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    Nifty Jan Expiry

    Yesterday was very volatile for Nifty and is critically poised at 5687. There were heavy shorts in derivatives around 1.30 and partial short covering was seen around 2.30. But again shorts started building up during the close. Where do you guys think Nifty would expire? Is there a chance of...
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    Bharti Airtel

    Will Bharti be able to move up today after today's carnage? Guys need your opinion on this. I hold 4 lots of Bharti Airtel at a price of 345 Jan Expiry.
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    SEBI Crackdown

    That's absolutely right. I am also worried about the stock whose promoters are clean and in turn investors are getting affected. I think it's been a worst week for the market and now the fight between Tatas and Chandrasekar.
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    SEBI Crackdown

    If the promoters aren't involved in the transactions, I don't see a reason to fear. We all know that people with huge financial clout buy/sell huge volumes. That can't be called as manipulation right - That's what even fund managers/FII's do. Please do correct me if I am wrong.
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    Jindal South West Holdings

    Hi Alchemist, I think you were right. Its going to be in 3 digits soon. More than 10% down. Share trading around 1250 - approx 800 Rs. below my Cost Price. :thumpdown: Can't imagine this stock in another bear market. It may come down to 300 odd levels :rofl: Made the classical mistake of...
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    Jindal South West Holdings

    Hi Alchemist, Thank you so much for spending your time in analyzing this stock. I am trying to learn how to evaluate holding companies based on your analysis. What I understand from this is the fortunes of Jindal South West Holdings is more or less dependent entirely on JSW Steel unless they...
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    Jindal South West Holdings

    Ooops... :afraid: While calculating NAV will they also value unquoted equity shares? How should we value them? These are the unquoted holdings I find in the annual report. Sun Investments Pvt. Ltd. Satellite Developers Limited Jindal Coated Steel Pvt.Ltd. Jindal Overseas Pte. Ltd. Midland...
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    Jindal South West Holdings

    Unfortunately I couldn't book losses as the losses are huge. It's falling at an avg. of 150 points daily. Now its trading at its 52 week low 1375. I hold 30 shares at an avg. price of 1800 Rs. Guys do let me know whether averaging on this stock is a good idea as its trading at 52 week lows.
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    Jindal South West Holdings

    Went through the link. Was quite useful. I think I got the wrong share in the list with least discount. Seems to be a wrong pic judging from the stats on that link. Should have opted for Bajaj instead.
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    Jindal South West Holdings

    Hi All, I hold 20 shares of Jindal South West Holdings at 2100.. What do you guys think on the prospect of this company? Please do share your thoughts. I was of the assumption that holdings are better as they aren't fully valued and could perform well as valuations would be attractive...
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    IVRCL Infrastructures & Projects

    How does IVRCL Infra look now on the charts? They recently bagged order worth close to 15 billion rupees.
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    LCC Infotech

    Hi Guys, All the fundamentals are in place for LCC Infotech?
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    Adani Power

    Adani Power or JSW Energy - Which of these look attractive? What do you guys think of their future prospects?
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    Indosolar IPO

    Do you guys think its better to get in now - already 20% down? Just for a trade?
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    TCI Finance

    Hi Guys, I came across some of the message boards where people rate TCI Finance very high and they keep saying its going to be a out-performer. What do you think of this stock. Is it worth investing?
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    E-Investing Sentiment Indicator

    I think that's right, but the stock you hold doesn't appreciate results in more posts due to anxiety :) :) :).
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    HDFC Limited

    The stock has been split today and it's trading around 615. Do you think we could get this stock at a better price or is it fairly valued now?
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    Arvind Limited (Arvind Mills)

    Just came across this post and missed the jump today. Will buy this stock tomorrow morning. Thanks for sharing this info.
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    Aban Offshore

    I think I should have exited from this stock long back and booked my losses.I got it for 2200 and started averaging for close to 2 years and now my avg. stands at 1300. I ran out of patience with this stock as it's not the Aban of previous years. It's stuck in a range and no news is taking it...