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    Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

    Reference: SP-TATA Sons Exit / Buyback (TCS Q2-FY2021) When the SP group decided to exit from TATA Sons - analysts commented the event to be negative for TCS, TCS being the cash cow here. But TCS shares has been rising since. Specially this TCS buyback (along with results) seems to be pushing...
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    What Happened to this Site - Some Time Back?

    Alchemist, the site has become almost unusable. At best 50% of real state is covered with Ads, that went up to 100% when I clicked on a link to go see a previous post.
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    Long vs Short Psychology

    I trade sometimes. And I always go long, I never short. To me, rise in prices seems natural. Companies and stocks exist to grow. Even otherwise, prices do rise just to keep up with inflation, I see inflation as the gravitational force here. Going long (even for positional/swing trades), I...
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    Infosys Technologies

    Infosys Whistleblower case Infosys is trying to get the probe done in 2 weeks. What do you think ? Will it recover to 700+ levels once the probe outcome is out or the damage is more serious considering US Class-Action Lawsuit and all that.
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    TATA Consultancy Services

    So it actually happened today, today being the Ex-dividend day. Stock Price and Future Price converged. It reinstated the concept of Ex-dividend date, Record Date and T+2 settlement for me. All good.
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    TATA Consultancy Services

    Ok. The record date is 18-OCT (Fri). On 21-OCT (Mon) the stock price should, theoretically, open INR 40 lower. Or somehow both prices should tend to converge, hopefully within the same day. I will try to see that to confirm my learning.
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    Starting with Technical Analysis

    I use below, when I use :) is a desktop software - Very user friendly for daily charts; up to 3 years of data is FREE. web based, if you need to look intraday. This is highly customize-able to suite your liking. Mostly...
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    TATA Consultancy Services

    Why is here a big difference in the futures and SPOT price. Is it because of the INR 40/share dividend that TCS has declared in yesterdays quarterly results ?
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    NIIT Technologies

    So the Future price caught up well with the SPOT. I didn't benefit. Sometimes one should not think much and just go with the instincts :)
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    NIIT Technologies

    Still a huge difference FUT-NIITEC-26-Sep-2019750 FUTURE: 1,372.00 SPOT PRICE 1,490.80 Excellent arbitrage opportunity for the NIIT shareholders, isn't it ? I almost feel like buying the future but holding-off with all this ESOP and open offers. I have not experienced this before.
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    NIIT Technologies

    Why is the next month Future trading so low ? I tried and found this on Moneycontrol. --- NIIT Technologies Announcement under Regulation 30 (LODR)-Allotment of ESOP / ESPS | Announcement 27 Aug,2019, 04:06PM IST The Company has allotted 576,680 shares through ESOP. --- So after this month's...
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    NSE Nifty - Technical Analysis

    Alchemist, please share your thoughts on Nifty when you get chance. Can the current support hold ? or fundamentals look too weak and uncertainty prevails.
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    Punjab National Bank

    There is argument out there that the whistle blower's complaints weren't about Nirav Modi or PNB, fair enough. But then any sincere investigation towards those complaints must have surely uncovered this PNB fraud. It can...
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    Punjab National Bank

    And would negate Rs. 4300 collected from each tax paying citizen of India. //assuming 2% pay tax. A Government shouldn't have to act so helpless!
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    Banking Sector

    Governance Issues / Fraud Friday's bad news about SBI and today about PNB. I started reinvesting in small chunks 2 weeks back. Now do not feel good seeing governance issues with national banks.
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    ICICIDirect Increasing Brokerage for NCD/Bonds

    I sold NHAND6 yesterday on ICICIDirect. Was shocked to see my trade book today, 1% brokerage fee charged. Just googled to understand the high brokerage fee and ended up here. So yes it is 1% and it is too high. Good to be posting something in here after such a long break.
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    Have Anyone Benefited in Long Run From Paid Advice?

    Too much fuss around it :) I assume you have much more experience in trading than me to back your suspicion. With my limited experience, I do not find 10-15% a month or something like that completely unimaginable or unattainable. I do buy these figures. Of course for those who achieve this -...
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    Have Anyone Benefited in Long Run From Paid Advice?

    Got it - if you meant they are dishonest in sharing the result of their recommendations, their past performances. That is not as concerning as it initially sounded - as if they do not have the skills to make the recommendations in the first place. Yeah, I have observed this too with my...
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    Have Anyone Benefited in Long Run From Paid Advice?

    Don't want to mean picking on you, but what do you mean by they are fake? Do they not possess the skill required or are they dishonest in sharing the outcome of their analysis? In my opinion, most have the skills 'available to be acquired' and are honest (8/10 times except the cases where they...
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    Vivek Patil's Technical Analysis Report?

    This week's report: ICICI :: Market :: Technical Analysis