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    Free Downloadable English Dictionary

    You can try this: I had installed it long back, do not use it often. Just now I checked on my machine and it still worked. Let me know if you face any issues.
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    Rama Newsprint and Papers

    Came after vacation and surprised to see the price of Rama Newsprint and Papers in my portfolio. I hold 1000 shares@17 and it was at the same level when I started my vacation 4 weeks ago. Its quoting at 47 now with only buyers and no sellers available :hmmmm2: I did lot of googling, can not...
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    GTD (Good-Till-Date) Orders?

    Yes ICICIDirect allows (only) Limit Orders during Off Market Hours. During Market Hours it allows both Limit and Market Orders.
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    Suzlon Energy

    Sorry :s:, got the numbers wrong. Here is the result.
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    Suzlon Energy

    Just in case you have not followed, Q2 10 results of Suzlon are dreadful. EBITDA is (-67.8 Cr) and then the famous interest worth (-361 Cr). I have a long position (huge losses) which I am going to close (may be reverse) when the market opens next.
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    Best Stock for Muhurat Trading 2009?

    I bought a Future lot of Bharti Airtel @330, hope to close it with some profit sometime soon.
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    Happy Diwali and a Prosperous New Year

    Happy Deepawali ! Hope everyone enjoyed the festival and we make more of the investment and trading opportunities in the year ahead :)
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    Trade-to-Trade (T Group)

    BSE->Listing->List Of Companies. If this is what your are looking for..
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    FPO's (Follow-On Public Issues)

    thanks vasa and the link that you gave is informative, I was not aware :) Coming back to REC FPO, is it clear whether the planned 17 crores shares to be issued are fresh shares or Govt selling its own shares ? If its fresh shares, shouldn't the enitre proceeds go to REC alone ?
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    FPO's (Follow-On Public Issues)

    From the same link.. So its going to be equity dilution, in which 25% of the fund raised is to be appropriated and rest 75% will be used for company operations/growth.
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    FPO's (Follow-On Public Issues)

    I believe you are right, people will not buy the fresh shares unless they see a solid reason for the fund raising.
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    FPO's (Follow-On Public Issues)

    Clear. And if I try to put my understanding here, such disinvestments can be looked upon on broadly two aspects, irrespective of whether its QIB or FPO. Equity Dilution or Stake Reduction ? 1. Issuing new shares (Equity Dilution). 2. No fresh shares, govt. reducing its own stake. Where the...
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    FPO's (Follow-On Public Issues)

    Can you please also comment on the effect on the share prices in open market with respect to disinvestment through QIP vs through FPO ? Basically I do not understand why the prices should move either way significantly for the Govt reducing its stake from say 90% to 85%. Such a small reduction...
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    Posting Problems?

    site not working at home network Hi Alchemist, I am having the same problem now that Man had sometime back, site works perfectly fine in office but not at home. I believe its my ISP issue and would resolve itself soon but it has been a week now. I will try using some proxy today.
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    Good Website for Stock Research - Quotes, Charts, Fundamentals, Estimates etc.

    NSE shows 57 so Yahoo! is correct. incidently, there is NSE:PRECWIRE.BE which has the right numbers. - but true its a problem. If I am right, google finance started with (and is best at) US, China, Hong Kong markets. They are picking up on India stocks, still improving. May be they haven't...
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    NSE Nifty - Technical Analysis

    Today's high is ~4 point lower than y'day and the low is ~4 point higher than y'day :) Alchemist, long time no updates. Can you please update your views on what happening with Nifty and around. 50d EMA is ready to :boxing: @4460.
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    I believe you can not do the 2nd. What this actually means is.. 1. Limit Buy order @100. -- I want to buy, but at no more than 100/- a share. 2. Stop loss sell order, trigger price 99.95, limit price 105. -- I want to sell, only if price falls to 99.5, but still at no less than 105/- a share...
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    Gujarat NRE Coke

    This is surely a good long term script. But can this be taken for a short term play considering the Austral money should come here ?
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    Gujarat NRE Coke

    Certainly. The company has good growth plans and chart also looks good. After Mar-09 lows, it has risen on high volumes and pullbacks have been with lower volumes. Do not see clear information about current fulfillment of their coal requirements on Company's own homepage. But I read this in one...
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    Austral Coke

    I had also read Mr. SP Tulsian's views on Austral Coke - 26-Aug-09 - it's quite clear and informative.