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    Cairn India Limited

    And though with less intensity, all other stocks follow in reverse Direction... right?
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    SENSEX at 8000 - Are You Buying?

    Liquidity problem at personal level too :), but yes I managed to buy some.
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    Cairn India Limited

    CMP::91 Technically where do you see the next support ? Do you see it bouncing back in next few weeks at least to its IPO price. Apart from global selling, what has been wrong "with this stock" in last week other than the falling crude prices ?
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    Watch Out For....

    Dear All, I feel we need something like this to keep all the forum members up-to-date with the events in near future which are expected to influence the market. These could be local/global, anything from elections, financial results, holidays, etc.... and these are important because biggies...
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    Patel Engineering

    Hi Experts I would like to know your views on Patel Engineering Ltd. It has come down from 400+ in September to below 200 now. EPS1 (31 Mar 2008) 21.05 EPS2 (31 Mar 2009) 26.80
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    CORE Education & Technologies

    I got it for 65. I will not sell if I see 90 this Friday but will be tempted to buy if I see 40. What will you do ?
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    Praj Industries

    Thanks for the quick suggestions ! And u guessed it right, I had a relook and find Praj to be @20% of my portfolio. I think I m okay with that and I will not think of buying anymore unless I see it below 70 now. thanks !
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    Cairn India Limited

    Dear Experts, Now we know "Oil producers may have to share additional revenues". and crude trading @90. I have Cairn India at an avg of 244, what you guys suggest ? I thought I would do some averaging when I see below 200, now its suddenly 174 !! do we expect further lows ? or when...
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    Praj Industries

    below 100 Its below 100 now ! My Avg was 160, I bought little at 104 to avg out. Do I connitnue to buy more .. .or we expect further lows ? Regards to all.
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    Fundamental Analysis - Step-by-Step Example

    Continue Learning... Hi There, I have been regularly reading you guys and really love visiting this site regularly. I hold some amt of GSPL, and I think :p I want to buy some Petronet LNG soon. Now Inspired by this thread and some wonderful explanations and encouragement from our dear...