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    Long vs Short Psychology

    I trade sometimes. And I always go long, I never short. To me, rise in prices seems natural. Companies and stocks exist to grow. Even otherwise, prices do rise just to keep up with inflation, I see inflation as the gravitational force here. Going long (even for positional/swing trades), I...
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    TATA Consultancy Services

    Why is here a big difference in the futures and SPOT price. Is it because of the INR 40/share dividend that TCS has declared in yesterdays quarterly results ?
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    NIIT Technologies

    Why is the next month Future trading so low ? I tried and found this on Moneycontrol. --- NIIT Technologies Announcement under Regulation 30 (LODR)-Allotment of ESOP / ESPS | Announcement 27 Aug,2019, 04:06PM IST The Company has allotted 576,680 shares through ESOP. --- So after this month's...
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    Rama Newsprint and Papers

    Came after vacation and surprised to see the price of Rama Newsprint and Papers in my portfolio. I hold 1000 shares@17 and it was at the same level when I started my vacation 4 weeks ago. Its quoting at 47 now with only buyers and no sellers available :hmmmm2: I did lot of googling, can not...
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    Mining Sector

    India Govt. Approves Increase in Royalties on Mineral Mining - WSJ Sesa Goa reacted severly negative, but not the other metal stocks like Hindalco, Sterlite etc. The reason for this if I understand correctly is; all the other metals were already paying the royalty and only the royalty has been...
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    Bank of Baroda

    Hi Alchemist, Can you please share your view on short term perspective for Bank of Baroda? Q1 results declared today looks good. But the stock was beaten down (cannot figure out why) and and closed marginally below the 21 day EMA.
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    GTD (Good-Till-Date) Orders?

    Hi, do Square Off orders also behave same as normal stop loss orders, they expire at the end of the day and we need to place a new one every day ? To square off my future position today, I had placed a Limit order. but day was about to end, and I didn't have time to check whether I could...
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    ICICIDirect - Query

    Hi, I sold something yesterday, yet to be settled I understand. But it was appearing in my trading limit yesterday as expected. Today it's not reflected in my trading limit, neither credited to my demat account. am I missing here, or its another goof-up from ICICI system. Below is what I get...
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    Eleven Surprising Stock Market Indicators

    Interesting read at leisure. :). Cheers!
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    Gujarat State Petronet Limited

    Need some suggestions from forum experts on GSPL please. I am holding good number @60 and stock is showing no signs of recovery. This year's quarterly results are not very good (Sales constant and net profit declining). How about near future prospects, is it worth holding or accumulating ...
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    Watch Out For....

    Dear All, I feel we need something like this to keep all the forum members up-to-date with the events in near future which are expected to influence the market. These could be local/global, anything from elections, financial results, holidays, etc.... and these are important because biggies...
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    Patel Engineering

    Hi Experts I would like to know your views on Patel Engineering Ltd. It has come down from 400+ in September to below 200 now. EPS1 (31 Mar 2008) 21.05 EPS2 (31 Mar 2009) 26.80