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    IRCON International IPO

    IRCON International Limited IPO Opens: 17 Sept 2018. Closes: 19 Sept 2018.
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    National Fertilizer OFS

    National Fertilizer OFS Today Anyone taking the plunge ?
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    Online Share Transfer - Speed-e or myEasi

    Please share experience on transferring shares online between own or family members demat account ? NSDL - Speed-e CDSL - myEasi
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    MF Utilities?

    Any body using this service - MF Utilities ? Here is their android app -
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    Are We on the Cusp of Next Bull Market?

    What do you fellow boarders think ? During tea break, we were having a time pass chit chat with an old timer. Something on the lines of - Every 8 or so years the market booms and crash. E.g 1992 Harshad boom and crash 2000 IT boom and crash 2008 Infra/Mid cap/Financial boom and crash...
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    Revive This Portal

    The number of discussions have gone down, can something be done to revive this? Miss the old timers, not mentioning their names so as not to offend those whom I may miss to mention ;).
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    LTCG Tax Exemption on Equity Going?

    Check this out - What are your views ?
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    Market Tanks As Usual - Aug 2015

    Blood bath at Dalal street. Portfolio took a beating, fingers crossed. Wondering ... As its a accumulation phase of life, should one welcome this crash?
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    Demat Account for Minor

    Is it allowed to open Demat Account on the name of minor ? If yes 1. Has anyone done that ? 2. Any Pros and Cons of doing that. Why me asking ? 1. Invest in Long Term MF on child's name, no headache of nominee as when invested in own name. 2. Invest in Gold ETF for Long Term on child's name...
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    Wonderla Holidays IPO

    After a long time, a small IPO -
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    Term Insurance -Too much analysis has led to paralysis

    Too much analysis has led to paralysis. This year's financial resolution is to first buy enough term insurance. I have been delaying taking term plan of appropriate amount for each earning member of my family. All have some term plans though expensive ones from LIC, which though substantial...
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    RBI Inflation Indexed Bonds

    Anybody going for these RBI Inflation Indexed Bonds ? If yes why ? ;) Drawback is - Though interest is cumulative, tax has to be paid yearly like NSC - Lock of 10 years, can't sell in secondary market, can't even...
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    AUD to INR - Best Rates?

    What is the best way to transfer AUD from Commonwealth Bank to India ? Which method gives the best rates ? Which is the most convenient way ? At the least share how do you transfer foreign exchange to India :)?
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    Lull Before The Storm?

    1. Volumes have declined. 2. There is no market buzz. 3. Most importantly the posts in e-investing has dried up. Is something brewing ? Lull before the storm ? Alchemist, what are the post/visits stats for this forum compared to market performance ? Do you have any charts on that ? ;) I am...
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    Karvy Insurance Repository

    Has anybody tried this ?
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    Oracle Corporation

    Can anybody oblige me with the short term technicals of ORCL? It goes down 10% after every quarter results :).
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    SBI Charging for SMS Alerts

    SBI has started milking savings account holders, and is beating private sector banks now. Debit card charges were initially 50 per year, now it's 100 And is now also charging Rs 15 per quarter (Rs 60 pa) for receiving sms on mobile, this is day time robbery. If you are unhappy like me raise a...
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    Inflation Indexed Bonds from RBI

    And here they come - RBI to issue inflation indexed bonds - Livemint Not for retail now.
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    Book for Learning Accounting?

    Can you suggest the best book for learning accounting for a non-commerce background person ? Person has a good reading comprehension. Something like Accounting 101. A book which is non-verbose, to the point. And does not confuse between say keywords like real and nominal account. Can explain...
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    Why So Silence?

    Itna sannata kyun hai bhai ? (Why so eerie silence, bro ?) Precursor of some event ? Lull before storm, eh ?