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    IPO Application Size - Doubt?

    I have small question Consider share price in IPO = 100 & Lot size =100 Hence minimum application amount = 10,000/- What are advantage if some one apply with three scenario: a) One lot of 10,000 /- b) Five lot of 50,000 /- c) Twenty lot of 2,00,000 /- Consider that applicant have...
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    CPSE ETF NFO - Your Opinion?

    What are opinion for this ETF? Reviews are very good, is it worth to invest in this?
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    Strides Arcolab

    I buy 10 nos. at effective price 900 , Now trading at 384 (ex-dividend), When this dividend will be credited in bank account? What is future as if dividend paid by discounting share price itself, then what is logic of any benefit from it?
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    Shorting in Alkali Metals

    Experts i need advice from you on Thursday 21st I shorted Alkali Metals 807 shares @ 66.08 i could not buy share ( square off ) as immediately upper circuit implemented and my position is open. I am worried as what will happen now. My broker is Kotak & I would like to know that 1) Whether...
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    Niki_baroda's Portfolio

    I need expert advice, If expert see my portfolio, I am in red zone. What shall I do? Any expert advice for sell/buy to get better option's to revise my portfolio?
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    Shekhawati Poly-Yarn IPO

    Details: Opens : Monday - 27th. Closes : Wed - 29th. Shares : 1.2 crore equity shares. Money raised : Rs 36 crore. Price : Rs 30 fixed. What are the expert opinions for this IPO?
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    Ispat Industries - JSW Steel

    I buy Ispat industries 440 shares @ 21.7 today, what is long term future after merger of Ispat +JSW Steel?