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    Chemcel Biotech 70% cut on listing day. Any idea about this ?
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    Network 18 Media & Investments

    Any idea why such high premium ?
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    Sebi proposes 25% cap on listing day gains for small ipos

    Sebi is stepping in to put a 25% cap on listing gains for small ipos. Bad news. Saw this on cnbc tv 18.
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    Model Portfolio

    Hi Alchemist, How about giving us a model portfolio or a guide to create one with a long term perspective.
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    BTST - Day Trading, Speculative or Delivery?

    Hi Alchemist, I have a doubt. ICICI direct provides BTST option. Is it considered as speculative/day trading income/loss ? Are there any additional charges for BTST ?
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    Pantaloon Retail

    Pantaloon retail is being traded at 17% premium in fii to fii trade .. is it because fii limit has reached ? where can we check the fii limit .. can we still buy it at cmp ?? =========================================== from reuters article on aug 20, 2007 .. Pantaloon Retail OKs unit IPO...
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    Where to Check Upper Circuit Limit?

    kolte patil has hit UC it seems .. 20.02% up on nifty .. there were pending buy orders of 172495 shares at 217.65 .. where can we check the circuit filter ..