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  1. Huginaya

    Housing Loans - No More Prepayment Penalty

    So finally we can have something like paying some or full amount of the loan in full and not paying that stupid fee which only consists and based on the fact of bad feelings of the bank that they will no longer be able to earn on us;) Simply LOL at all of that.
  2. Huginaya

    India Economy - House Booking - Money Flow

    There are for sure a lot of people earning quite big amounts in IT field, thanks to the booming thing in India and the world overall, so it should be something more. How does all that sounds to you ? If you are talking about dollars they may make thousands of dollars per month easily.
  3. Huginaya

    Changes in Economy

    I want to ask everyone the same question, I can see it like how election going in India currently. How does that affected your life really ? Does anybody knows all of this ? Please let's change something if we really can do it. Just about something small in your life.
  4. Huginaya

    Invest in an Apartment or in ELSS/Mutual Funds

    How much money do you have ? You can invest in something like both really ? If not I would still go for mutual funds maybe, I simply did not that successfull in real estate lately and lost like 50% of the money after like 13 years or so, so be very carefull here.
  5. Huginaya

    Bitcoin Trading Legality?

    It falls again and again and rise again. And yes I am not sure how to deal with it's status in India, what other people says about that ? Like few years passed, but I do believe it's all taxable income really ?! What do you say ? How is it going ? Do you know somebody from that topic of interest ?
  6. Huginaya

    Policy for Children?

    Why nobody replies here ? You do not have children, as for people who understand what it's all about please let me know how insurance cover all that things which listed in it ? What do I do in case if I need to verify it with insurance firm with some proof or something like that.
  7. Huginaya

    Free Online Business Courses from Carnegie Mellon University

    Okay, any feedback about that ? Free online cources without the feedback so far ? Sounds good for sure, but I assume it will be on some university from what I read or they already on some free platform and ready to be studied, correct ? Please let me know.
  8. Huginaya

    Taxation on Interest from Fixed Deposits

    I do not have fixed deposits in India, but I traveled a lot and I seen in lot of countries that banks really deducts all that money from that income automatically and you already receving money after taxation, it's very suitable, I can't imagine going there myself and pay;)
  9. Huginaya

    Banks offering Free Credit Cards

    What do you mean by catch or something like that ? It's credit card, catch is the credit funds which you can take with it;) That's the catch, they will charge some fee each month on top of sum borrowed, some penalties for non-paying in time and so on. That's how bank works, and yes card itself...
  10. Huginaya

    Additional Cost/Tax for Resale House

    In near time I am planning to do the same, or at least think about that. So it's very disturbing that nobody replies for so much amount, I heard that in other countries it's like 5% in average. But I want to be sure if it's lower or higher, cause all is quite expensive there.
  11. Huginaya

    Pune Real Estate Market - Booming?

    Lot of like this happening where is a lot of outsource companies. Be very carefull cause there should be a lot of support for them in all of that price inflations over time. Probably rent is expensive or even more than in Delhi, it's very common case.
  12. Huginaya

    Returns on Real Estate

    It's still much better than usual fixed deposits correct ? Yes, I think you have made a mistake really with calculations. But to get all of this you really should be on pulse with the market and be able to sell it much higher, otherwise you could be in loss for a big time.
  13. Huginaya

    Bungalow/Villa Plot in Pune Near Hinjewadi

    Why this thread haven't got any real attention after like 5 years passed ? Is such investments are really not that popular or so ? Please make it clear. For me that sounds like some plan, so I really want to get some replies as well to this thread.
  14. Huginaya

    Excel Sheet Comparison

    You know Google sheets today is way more popular than usual desktop version of Excel. So basically anything I am doing now I am doing in them and totally free without a need to pay anything for Excel or so. It's so improved over the years.
  15. Huginaya

    Understanding RAM

    Have you tried to ask about that in the shop you bought it and tell the whole story like it is ? My smart also not showing RAM correctly, but maybe it's really how it should be done. And your previous correct meaning was just incorrect or so.
  16. Huginaya

    Missed W-8BEN, How to Recover Stocks Withheld by Broker?

    Which company ? Are you doing that via India based company or some US one ? That US company should never accept your application without completion of W8BEN anyway. I don't know if it's really your fault and who then deduct 30% from you ?
  17. Huginaya

    Personal loans

    You should consider overall yearly and monthly interest rate on that. Something like ability to return it in some interest-free period if possible and especially sort of punishment for you if loan provider will not get it on time from you. So something like that;)
  18. Huginaya

    Investing Outside India - Foreign Indices

    Does anybody know anyone else besides Kotak Trader to work with all these stock exchanges, I know our country is good and developing but to have ability to trade on 1st world economics just don't leave me. I put aside some amount I want to invest. I accumulated it basically whole my life and...
  19. Huginaya

    How To Get a Secured Credit Card?

    Too old thread but I also just do not get what it means "secured" credit card. I heard only about debit and credit cards, sometimes you may get some credit limit even on debit card. And shocked that bank offering this. I heard about credit card with some time limit like 2 month but you still...