3M India


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Why so frenzy in this company?

Market Cap 4700 Crore for a sales of 1230 Crore and profit of 171 Crore?

It has NPM of 8% and GPM = 14%, what am I missing?

Total balance sheet = 550 Crore
Loan Outstanding = 12 Crore
Cash = 50 Crore
Investments = 0

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Looks like nearing a solid top for a target of 819!
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3M India a strong delisting candidate.

Funds are accumulating the stock so that they can tender their shares in the delisting offer.

"Ruane, Cunniff & Goldfard Inc" now owns 8.21% of the company's shares.

The parent company will make a delisting offer once it's sure that it will get the necessary number of shares in the offer.