Additional Cost/Tax for Resale House


Could anyone guide me on the additional costs/taxes to be paid on top of the agreement cost for a resale house by the buyer? I am planning to buy a house in Pune.

I know that we have registration & stamp-duty. Does anyone know the tax rate (%)?

Thanks in advance.
In near time I am planning to do the same, or at least think about that. So it's very disturbing that nobody replies for so much amount, I heard that in other countries it's like 5% in average. But I want to be sure if it's lower or higher, cause all is quite expensive there.
The stamp duty and registration charges in Pune not only keep varying but also serve as one of the biggest revenue sources for the state government of Maharashtra. the stamp duty and registration charges in Pune or in any place depend on the ready reckoner rate and the actual price of the registered property which may be around 6%.